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The Seton Miracles: What You Need to Know

Miracles happen on a daily basis in our lives. However, we mostly don’t acknowledge those miracles or see them as miracles. Sometimes we need to see extra extraordinary things happening in our lives for us to believe there are miracles. These are not things that only happen to the people of the world but also to the believers. Different denominations also have different things they trust and believe as miracles. The Seton miracles happened at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church. Catholic Church is known to use rosaries and statues of Mary and Jesus and others. One day people witnessed something strange in the statues of Mary the mother of Jesus. The statues were seen sending tears and rosaries were changing colors while emitting rose scent and many other miracles were seen during this day.

The Seton miracles happened between the years 1991-1993. Seeing a non-living thing portraying the behaviours of a living thing is a real miracle that can’t be denied. Sometimes God does such miracles to send a message to us human beings. Sometimes most of us don’t believe these things until we see them and that is the reason people are adamant to change because not everyone can witness these miracles. There is a message that this miracle sent to us as believers. We are all lost in seen despite the fact that her son, Jesus died for us so that we could be saved but we still sin every day. Every day we do things that are hurting others which is not what God intended. This is what could probably make the statue of Mary cry in the Seton miracle. It is upon us Christians to ensure that we are on the right track and do according to the will of God to make sure that we don’t make the mother of Jesus shed tears even in her grave.

Also, a catholic priest experienced the effects of this day. Father James Bruce got five wounds in his body which portrayed the suffering of Jesus on the cross. All these miracles rotate around the suffering that Jesus underwent on the cross for our sake. Jesus was holy and did have any crime yet he died on the cross to save us and to set us free but even after that, we still behave like we are in bondage and we sin each and every minute. The pain Mary feels every time when we make these mistakes is what was portrayed here. It was something to remind me and you to repent and do the right things.

Also during the miracle, miracles started rotating, changing colors and others started adding colors. No one can deny these are not miracles. This happened in the broad daylight between 1991-1193 while numerous witnesses stared at the happenings. Even if you and I didn’t see it happen, we have to believe that there are miracles and change our sinful ways. Besides, the Merian foundation secured the place as a sacred place where people can go and see those wonders.

A Simple Plan For Investigating

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