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All You Need to Know About the Australian Labradoodle

Dog breeders often strive to come up with the best dog there is. This is the reason why you will find some breeders mixing one breed to the other to somehow achieve the best characteristics they want in a dog. One of these breeds that are starting to grow its popularity over the years is the labradoodle. This breed can come in American or Australian varieties. Many dog owners though opt for the Australian labradoodle due to a number of different reasons. If you want to know more about the Australian labradoodle then read this article and find out.

The Australian Labradoodle was bred in the ’70s and is not starting to become a common name, especially for many dog lovers. Once you take a look at the American and Australian labradoodle then it is them that are considered to be different types. An American labradoodle is a product of breeding a Labrador retriever and a poodle only. Once you take a look at the Australian type, you will notice that they will have a type of spaniel on their bloodlines. An Australian Labradoodle is then a mix of Labrador retriever, poodle, and one of the following breeds like the cocker spaniel, curly coated retriever, or Irish water spaniel. The mixture of these breeds created the Australian labradoodle which was created originally as a service dog. People with allergies find the Australian labradoodle as a great option since they do not shed. Australian labradoodle is also smart and intuitive making them perfect therapy or service dogs.

If you are searching for an Australian labradoodle then the first thing that you should consider is the breeder. See to it that they are reputable and trusted by many dog lovers. You need to remember that there are many backyard breeders that are starting to become known. You can also find Australian Labradoodles being bred in large kennels. Regardless of where you will be purchasing your Australian labradoodle, see to it that the puppy’s parents are purebred. You also will have to ensure that these puppies don’t have any diseases. This can be done once the puppies had undergone health testing. A reputable breeder will be a member of an established organization like the ALAA or the Australian Labradoodle Association of America. Reputable organizations like the ALAA will ensure that member breeders test their dogs and keep an up-to-date record for all of the dogs that they have in their kennel. A reliable breeder also ensures that their puppies have proper socialization, crate, and potty training. Some breeders even ensure that their puppies already have leash training. All of this training ensures that you will not have a problematic dog once you bring them home. This is also great news for first-time dog owners.

If you are in the market for hunting, therapy, or a family dog then the Australian labradoodle should be in your options. These loving dogs can be trained to do anything thus making them a perfect companion for any individual or family.

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