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Online presence is vital for authors and self-publishers. Online retailers have ways to connect buyers and readers. If you are looking to making sales from the book, you should have online retailing presence regardless of whether you use a book publishing company for your book. Cloud service providers offer market presence and marketing power more than large book publishers. In the author’s central the online retailers give an author an opportunity to display their profile, to link their blog and add any videos and also design a list of their favorite books.

This tool is powerful as it equals devoting a webpage to your books. Your book sales can also be tracked here. This is a tool that once connected with your blog you can market yourself and your books.

Affiliate program is a good way to make money from your website. The link to the book from your website is given to online retailers. You are paid a commission if a sale of this book is made. The next tool is where all the books related to a topic are listed. This way you connect readers and buyers. Here those readers interested in your genre get to know that you are resourceful with information to help them to look for information on given topics. You can also include your book in this books list but do not overdue. Include the book you know will help your readers.

The next feature is the search-inside-the-book where readers can read some sections of the book and be able to search in your book. Readers can see the index, contents, introduction and foreword and some chapters. Readers are made comfortable when choosing this book over others. In book tags, your book is tagged using given keywords. You can imagine the keywords and tags that a reader can be looking for. In the book tag you can tag the book each time you visit the book product page. Alternatively, you can ask your friends and kin to tag your book.

The so you would like to? is a took where you get guidance about any topic that can help you on your online search. If you do this it is possible to place yourself as a professional in a specific topic. This lead is helpful to buyers when looking for books further they also get information on some topics. Lastly, have a blog where you get to discuss about your book or anything related to the book and some chapters. All you need to do is type in the blog’s feed, and the online retailers like Amazon will display some part of the latest postings of the blog.

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