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What You Must Know About Gwinnett County

Gwinnett County is among the fastest-growing counties in America since history. In this county, you will have people of different social status with the rich living in big cities and the middle class living in the suburbs. Whether you are a resident of this beautiful county or you are just a visitor there is more for you to learn from the county’s official website. This includes a powerful message by Jasper Watkins III who was elected as the new Gwinnett County district 3 commissioners. In his message, he promised to represent every resident of district 3 in his leadership. He also argued with other leaders and the residents of district 3 that they put Gwinnett County first because it’s what matters and by doing so they will achieve their goals. If you want to see such interesting stories about Gwinnett county click here.

The other story you will see about this county is about the program to help the needy Gwinnett kids. The program which is called Kicks for Kidz was started by the Victorious Living church in 2012. The program aims to provide new shoes for the needy kids in the county. The program has already provided 500b pairs of shoes to the children and now they want to provide raise $12, 000 which is targeted to purchase 300 pairs of athletic shoes for youths of Gwinnett Department of Family Children Services, Viewpoint Health, and the Lebone Children’s center in Grahamstown South Africa. The church seeks to partner with Dick’s Sporting Goods and the Rotary Club of Gwinnett County.

The other story that you will find on the Gwinnett county official website is about the interview with our town Gwinnett. The interview is available on YouTube and you will watch it over and over again. Watkins is referred to as the light of the county and it’s hoped that he will work hard towards fulfilling the promises he made to the people of Gwinnett County District 3. This page also provides your opinion about the interview with Watkins. Whether it’s an encouragement or a request or an opinion you can be heard through Watkins3for3.com.

Here, you will also get updates on how the county is faring with the Covid-19 pandemic. The county has been in the forefront to make sure they keep their people safe from the Covid-19 pandemic. You can get the updates about Corona Virus directly to your email by subscribing to Gwinnett county news. You can be sure to get any information you need about the coronavirus including the current cases of infection, death rate, recovery rate, ICU victims, and also more about the Covid-19 vaccine.

Furthermore, the County exercises Transparency in its job vacancies because they are posted on their website for all to apply. If you are looking for a job vacancy in Gwinnett whether you are a resident of the county or not you can get it from the official page of the county. More so, if you want to partner or support the Kicks for Kidz you can so by getting more information from the website. Visit Watkins3for3.com for more details.

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