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What to Look for When Buying a Blue French Bulldog Puppy

Most dog lovers understand what it means to have a dog pet. In many years’ pets have helped humans to cope with mental issues such as stress by providing companionship to them. A dog will be always available to you when people cannot, hence you need to consider having them. Despite the companionship, dogs can also provide security in case of any danger, for instance, if you have a snake intruder. Even though having a dog is something vital, you need to know that not all dogs or puppies you find in the market are the best for you. Some of them have problems both physically and psychologically and you need to be informed before making a decision. The breeder that you are buying from should also be trusted and known to be selling the best puppies. Hence, what to look at when buying a blue bulldog puppy is well discussed below, keep reading.

First, consider the sex of the puppy. In case you need a heavy and energetic dog it is good to buy a male dog, since they have a good conformation and more active. Also, if you need a relaxed dog consider a female one. Even if you want a more energetic dog, make sure it is free from any complications such as obesity or malnourishment. Those with health problems are not the best and you should be avoided since it will cost you significant losses. Hence if looking for heavy puppies where male is mostly considered or those with little weight mostly the female puppies, ensure it is not as a result of poor nutrition.

Consider the breeding program. A breeder should be able to provide a puppy that you need and the genetic uniformity should not be affected. The genetic make-up of a puppy will determine its performance. Therefore, too much crossbreeding should be avoided, since it can cause the genetic death of certain traits within a breeding program. A breeder should be knowledgeable enough and it is good to ask or research well before making a choice. All the diseases that are a result of genetics should be avoided or corrected when possible by a specialist.

Check body conformation of the puppy. It should not have any physical abnormality, since you are not a professional it is good to look for a veterinary doctor to accompany you. He or she should be able to check all the body parts, including the eyes, ears, legs, and the spinal code among others. All the organs should be palpated to feel any abnormality. For instance, red-eye can be a symptom of a disease and it is good to look for the parents to find out if they are in good health conditions. The puppy should not have any back issues that might be due to spinal code problems, hence ensure a vet does a good diagnosis.

The cost is another key issue. Before buying a puppy make sure it is within your planned budget and anything above should be avoided. Those that are too expensive to you should be avoided and also those that are too cheap should be questioned. This is because it might be having some health issues. Therefore, all of the above are things to look at when buying a blue bulldog puppy.

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