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Psychology is the study of how human behave and the reason that leads to that behavior. Psychology is the interpretation of human behavior and the contributors of that behavior. Different scholars have come up with different approaches of psychology for example cultural approach different communities have different cultures passed from one generation to another these contribute greatly in how people behave. People having been born and observed certain behavior they tend to judge other people in reference to their culture this is called ethnocentrism.

Humanistic approach these states that human are responsible for their own achievement. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is used to support this approach different needs the highest in this hierarchy is the self-actualization this is where people gain knowledge and skills to become what they want in life which when there are available resources human can easily achieve.
Cognitive approach is another aspect this deals with the mind how human being interprets the world it deals with concepts of judgement, decision making, how human remember things it majorly deals with the mind.

Behavioral approach studies human behavior using two conditioning. classical conditioning involves learning by associating where one associates an act with a certain behavior. Second conditioning is operant this deals with rewards and punishment, when an act is rewarded an individual is likely to perform that act repeatedly whereas when an act is punished the individual is unlikely to perform that act again.

Therapist is a professional who has studied psychology they therefore tries to understand why people are behaving the way they do and hence help them to resolve these problems.

In a family there are different misunderstandings between the children and the parents, children themselves, between parents. Family problems are common considering that people have different ways of interpreting things, age difference, and the environment in which one spend their day. It is difficult to settle psychological problems that children have. To settle family problems between the parents and the children it is advisable to visit a therapist. One on one type of therapy is where the client and the therapist have a talk and the client shares what they are going through which is secure with the therapist who cannot leak it to a third party. In group therapy people share their experiences and with this they feel relieved off their burden they are also encouraged since there are other people going through the same problem . The therapist tries to identify the source of the problem and hence slowly with the help of the client rebuild that which is broken.

They settle issues in families using the behavior approach of psychology, they try to interpret why the child is behaving in a certain way and using practical examples in reference to the two behavioral conditioning, for example reward a child to encourage a certain behavior. They have highly qualified therapist who do their best to ensure that the children and the parents are in a position to understand each other hence harmony in the family. The offer the best services at an affordable price.