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The Importance of Land Surveying in Construction

Construction is a complicated process that requires skills and knowledge. When you are in a construction company, accuracy is crucial because this will determine whether the building plan has been properly executed or not. A weak plan means additional expenses that will eventually result to the company’s bankruptcy.

For a construction company to succeed, it needs a strong surveying. The process of surveying is essential that a careful assessment of what company to hire as land surveyors should be well-assessed.

Few of the basic services that any construction company needs are the following: topographic, scanning, construction staking, As built, quantity mapping, 3D concrete paving and Aerial mapping drones.

When you talk about topographic, this is where you need to analyze the land’s topography. Elevation, contours, tress, utilities, ditches, road and other topographical features needs to be analyzed so that materials can be tracked accurately.

Scanning on the other hand is very convenient especially if you need data on as built. This is done in 3D; thus, time and money are saved. With the use of laser scanning, the data created from the existing infrastructure can be easily compared to a CAD model.

Construction staking should be written well. This will help both the project managers and construction workers during the construction as this serves as their guide. The more accurate it is written in high quality; the numbers can be executed well through physical dimensions.

As built is also very important. This is one way of ensuring that each phase of the project has been properly executed. This means that the written plan has been followed. This is the determining factor for that. This will also help the project team to make adjustments if necessary and to also assess material and expenses. Conforming to the regulations are also provided in as built.

Quantity mapping in 3D is a great way to accurately represent the mapping. This is convenient especially if you are in a meeting.

In order for the plan sheet to be transferred onto the control machine system, 3D model is the best way to do so. With 3D concrete paving, errors can be easily detected by the surveyors.

Last, aerial mapping drones are one of the results of technology innovations in construction. The survey can be done fast and easy, and it is also safer especially if the area that needs survey are dangerous and difficult to reach.

With all these services needed in a construction, you need to look for a land surveyor that excels in all fields. This means that all the licenses and permits required for land surveying are complied. This means that the surveyors that make up the team are all experienced and professionals. To determine, field surveyors are independent and can decide outright without actually having to send everything first to their supervisors. This is a product of skills and years of experiences. If you are a company that is looking for land surveyors, you need to check not just the technology they are using in their services but also the team that handle the surveying that can do both manual and advance technology adaptation in land surveying.

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