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The Difference Between Accidents With Semi-Trucks and Normal Auto Accidents
18-wheelers, semi-trucks, tractor-trailers and accidents with semi trucks all form part of trucking accidents. The usual auto accidents are definitely not the same as trucking accidents even though they do involve vehicles. Anything that can be classified under trucks is something much taller, have higher ground clearance, and weigh so much more than the average passenger car. Any accident involving trucks is very serious and ends up in serious to deadly injuries. So, do accidents with semi-trucks differ in any way from the normal accidents?
The way accidents with semi-trucks are handle is very different. There could be a long list of possible causes for the accident which means that the cases are never that simple and straight-forward. Human error is more often than not the cause behind the normal accidents. There are several liable parties when trucks get involved in an accident and may not be the sole responsibility of the truck driver.
Accidents with semi trucks can be caused by equipment failure too but this still does not absolve the driver of responsibility completely. The reason for this is that the driver is expected to inspect the truck before each trip as part of his job. Had the driver carried out a routine inspection before departure, the piece of equipment that causes an accident could have been addressed. Of course it could also be that the trucking company has overlooked a report that the driver has given which means that the trucking company is liable if the lawyer can prove this. Photos are able to help in distinguishing between an error that the driver makes and equipment failure.
When it comes to compensation, it works differently too with accidents with semi trucks. The law states that the responsible party place the victim back in their prior position and this can be something hard to determine right off an accident. After the accident, a victim loses time, pays medical bills, loses productivity and earnings and all these should be compensated and sometimes this only happens when law suits are filed.
Yet another thing that can cause accidents with semi-trucks is the issue of licensing and potential negligence. This applies when the driver does not have the proper requisites for the job. There is specialized training and education that the truck drivers have to undergo and must then have the commercial driver’s licenses to match that level of training.
The injuries that the victims incur after accidents with semi trucks occur also differ. The extent of injuries is usually really high in most cases. This means that the compensation amounts may be very high at the end of it all and for this reason, even insurance liability limits for trucks is a lot higher than that of normal passenger cars.