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Facebook Features that Are Not Easily Seen by Every User

Social media platforms are quite numerous where Facebook is one of the most used in the world. There are a lot of friendships formed via Facebook and also businesses that utilize this opportunity to advertise what they do. For a new Facebook user, things are not that easy but as they continue using the platform they can things much better. Other Facebook features, however, are not even family to the users who have been there for long. Continue reading this article to find out more about the hidden Facebook features that the pros use.

One of the features that are not known by many on Facebook is the “friends organizer ” feature. If you want to organize your friends’ list by adding more like family members, you can check on the Facebook home page where there are friend lists and create the list. The other feature in Facebook that is hidden and made use of by pros is the “restricted friends” list. To get your post seen by people you intend only, you should change the settings. Confirm every time you are sharing something that settings are as per your wish to make sure that you pass the information to the right audience.

The “previous post” finder also is a hidden Facebook feature used by pros. With this, you can easily locate a post you were tagged in or one that you shared and would wish to review it. The other Facebook feature that is hidden and made use of by pros is the “past comment” finder. It is where you click the comment section which directs you to all the comments left so that you react where necessary.

You also need to know about the “personal Facebook data back-up creator” utilized by pros as a hidden feature. If there is any Facebook information that you would wish to use some other time, you can download it from the settings section. The other hidden feature on Facebook that is useful when you are locked out is the “call-a-friend” feature. You will also get help in case of any challenge when you know about the human Facebook support expert.

The other Facebook feature that is hidden and made use of by pros is the “snooper-finder” feature which is very important in knowing who was in your account as you log them out. The “hidden inbox” is also a hidden feature on Facebook that is used by pros to find out people who are trying to connect with them and are not friends. You can also get connected on Facebook with only those you want by considering the “restricted friend request” feature. The above-hidden features on Facebook are used by pros.

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