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Anxiety Disorder: Why You Need The EMDR Therapy

People suffer from anxiety attacks and depression. When this attack comes, life becomes boring. It is thus vital for a victim to open up and go for professional help. Today, you don’t need to suffer alone fighting anxiety when you can start therapies. The counselor you contact has a lot to offer. Depending on your situation, a therapist might recommend the use of EMDR therapy. There are several benefits that come when you undertake the EMDR for anxiety Vancouver treatment.

When you have anxiety issues, it brings about the inability to focus and function at work. It also affects an individual’s social life, school, and even in relationship matters. When this comes, always get in touch with a local counselor who recommends the use of EMDR for anxiety therapies.

What does EMDR for anxiety entail?

The eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, the EMDR has worked well for people diagnosed with anxiety disorders. When applied as a form of treatment, it will allow one to break the various patterns of anxiety.

For hundreds of people who suffer from anxiety, the use of EMDR has proved effective. Though it works well to treat the anxiety attacks, it has also helped people to treat other mood disorders such as phobias, depression, and panic attacks. If you have that condition brought about by past traumatic experiences and leads to current symptoms, your counselor recommends this therapy.

When you visit a therapist who administers this therapy, several things happen. The treatment used will direct eye movements. When doing this, patients will imagine those traumatic scenarios and trying to shift their attention to positive things. When done, this process helps to reduce and dissipate the anxiety causes.

A patient is asked by their therapist to take note of images, sensations and the emotions experienced. While doing this, the patient will slowly shift the attention from those bad thoughts and start thinking of the positive ones. If you successfully do this, you shift, lift the anxiety, and start strengthening your minds and thoughts.

People who decide to have this therapy will benefit in many ways. A person does not have to talk about traumatic experiences and memories while in the treatment room. Therefore, anyone who has had trouble in the past will not be forced to talk about their experiences, which might be used to recount the bad moments.

Why you need this therapy

Anxiety attacks make a victim lose focus. Visiting a trained and experienced counselor reduces suffering. If you go for EMDR therapies, these benefits come.

If you suffered trauma in the past, it might haunt you for years to come. You have to stop this and live your life. Going for the many EMDR for anxiety therapy sessions will help you recover from that trauma. It will fast track the results.

It is also known to help a person manage the stress that leads to anxiety before they become bigger and tougher to handle.

The treatment for anxiety attacks varies. However, EMDR has and continues to work for patients. At Louise Chivers Counselling, you get a compassionate, non-judgmental, and warm therapist ready to offer professional help. This brings about healing from stress. Make that call now.

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