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Hip hop concept albums

Concept Albums are the albums with tracks that have a large meaning or purpose collectively than when they appear as single tracks. This is commonly achieved using one theme or narrative which can be lyrical, compositional or instrumental. At times this term is usually applied in the albums that re deemed of universal excellence unlike songs that have a lyrical motif or explicit musicals. Highlighted in this write up are some of the things you need to bear in mind as pertains to hip-hop concept albums.

Musicians are nowdays obesaes with coming up with concept albums. This is deemed the utmost creativity mark, a perfect test of cohesion and vision. In as much as the challenge for coming up with a visual story using music is easy, it is mostly an aural experience. You have no privilege of coming up with narratives using so many words.

In the present day streaming of soundscapes, due to necessity, many songs exist outside the larger whole context. The challenge for most makers of contemporary music is coming up with concept albums whereby the working concepts allow the songs to stand out on heir own without any past rigid confines. One of the hardships of defining concept albums is that there is no specific diagnosis for what makes a song qualify to be part of the album.

The Narrative Approach

Narrative content is whereby the album is used to tell a certain story. This is among the many kinds of concept albums and often the most obvious for artists to go for. The Narrative Approach, also known as the rap opera is the common technique used by rappers in coming up with concept plans. The popularity of this approach is no surprise give the nature of HipHop songs of verbal storytelling.

The most renowned albums usually tell a comprehensive story that iads in elevating the purpose and context of every song captured in the album. For the album to pop, the unifying idea must be a very precise one.

Thematic Approach

Unlike the narrative content, the thematic approach uses a more subtle and flexible process. Instead of telling one clena story, the albums using this approach are all about exploring one or several connected ideas and themes. The issue with this method of creating albums is that it is very easy to be distrusted particularly when the linked thoughts in the different songs are coincidental or intentional. There is usually a broad notion binding these albums but for it to be a concept albums, artists must come up with an intentional plan to use.

High Versun Low Approach

Regardless of the method used in creating a concept albums, the art must be revealed ultimately. Innthebhigh form formula, the album focuses on the concept. In the low approach, the concept will be at play but it will not dominate the entire record. The high low method aids in telling one story in reverse. Being classified as high and low form is all about the seriousness of an artist in sticking to the larger idea. The idea needs not be very intricate too. It must nonetheless answer the question of how organized the record is.

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