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What Is The Significance Of Hipot Tester?

Before we can discuss the topic of hipot tester, let us first start by defining a hipot test and how it works. In fact, using the least knowledge that we have for hipot test set up it is possible to easily know and to carry out a hipot test. Primarily, hipot is a short form of high potential. Normally, it is a term used for the classification of electrical instruments of safety testing, that are used to identify electrical insulation in finished items.

Finished items include transformers, electric motors, printed circuit boards, wired assemblies, and cables. Further, it serves as an electrical tester for safety in protective conductors, leakage current, insulation as well as distance clearance for all electrical appliances. This now brings us to discussing a hipot tester. It is a device that is commonly used to test the ability of electrical insulation and device electric strength, which could shock a person. It is a tester that is ideally used for a comfortable hipot testing in the laboratory and in production.

Here is the importance of hipot tester. They are used for routine test of voltage that is approximately 6KV. There are hipot testers that go up to 150,000 VAC and 300,000 VDC that are also readily available. The primary purpose of such testers is the assurance that a unit test has the requirement of a safety operator, which is in line with the standard that most certifying bodies have set up.

The common accessories here include warning signs for high-voltage testing, warning lamps during set-up, two-hand operations, and testing pins used in protective conductors. This feature found in the tester is unique because it is appropriately operated and uses a stable software for running software which is by default connected using LAN or USB. Benefits of hipot tester is there is no measures of security which need to be taken for currents that go above 12 mA. However for the process of testing of DC voltage testing and AC high-voltage testing differs.

To conclude, such hipot testers are not difficult to operate. They can be easily managed by semi-skilled and skilled experts carrying out production testing for DC dielectric and AC dielectric tests. There are times manufacturers can use different types of hipot tests through the standard and product for which it is being tested. In case we take notice of how it is set up and how it is implemented, quality assurance supervisors, engineers, test operators are all quite comfortable when doing this test on different kinds of products. This makes it possible to even detect small defects in circuits. It also assures that all parts of the circuit are isolated, meaning they offer more quality and more safety to the products. That is why it more commonly done in the routine production of line testing.

Finally, in modern life, closed safe systems of electricity bring convenience. However, when these systems fail, the result can be severe electric shock and inconvenience. The electrical industry has come up with different practices to oversee safety, and one such practice is hipot testing.

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