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Important Facts about Armed Security Guards and Security Systems

Wouldn’t it be idle if everyone in the world loved, respected, and co-existed peacefully with one another? Unfortunately, idle conditions are none existence and people must learn to co-exist with the bad, the good, and the ugly. The federal and local governments employ and train law enforcement officers to maintain law and order in specific jurisdictions. However, law enforcement officers cannot be everywhere at every time. This is why individuals and businesses are required to exercise caution and enforce minimum security safeguards. This article will deliberate important facts about armed security guards and security alarm systems.

Security needs vary from person to person and from business to business. High-end individuals live in palatial homes that have numerous variable items. The precious items include jewelry, cash-in-hand, and costly electronics. Such individuals need elaborate security systems and armed security guards to man their property on a round-the-clock basis. This is because the said individuals are usually the target of some criminal elements. The criminals may want to kidnap members of the family for ransom or may target to steal the valuables in their homes. Equally, businesses need to implement security measures that protect their businesses from intruders and criminal elements. Such a rouge individual may target the firm’s intellectual property, cash or valuable products.

The type of security module varies due to budget lines and the worth of the property being secured. A case in point is the protection of items such as nuclear weapons or raw materials. These items cost a foot and an arm in the black market as well as in the conventional market. Secondly, they are items that can jeopardize national security, and hence any government would not allow private businesses or individuals to hand nuclear materials.

A firm that handles sensitive material, formulas, chemicals, and costly items require elaborate security systems backed up by trained and armed guards. The elaborate systems use automated software to allow or deny access to electronic devices, strong rooms, and sections of the firm. Such a system alert the internal guards and the security system service providers of any breach. The guards are the front-line when it comes to neutralizing threats. However, once an alarm is sounded, the security system service provider provides reinforcement and alert law enforcement officers to intervene.

Unlike the law enforcement officers who are trained to provide national security, the security guards’ mandate is limited. They are allowed to carry specific firearms and restrict their duties to a specific business or individual property. The guards have to surrender their armory at the end of every shift. Such guards are trained on when, where and how to discharge their weapons. Reckless use of firearms can lead to criminal charges and prosecution. The security system on the other hand involved the use of surveillance cameras to monitor the activities at the specific business premises or private property. The system also includes the use of an alarm system to secure doors and windows and to bar intruders from gaining entry to the building. Every client should rely on the services of top reputable firms to provide security systems and armed security guards.

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