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Aqua-Hot Service The Aqua-Hot system is a hydronic home heating unit that heats water by running it via tubing. These devices are frequently mounted in motorhomes and are a preferred choice for those wanting to change a standard hot water heater. An Aqua-Hot system can be operated by a diesel burner, an electrical burner or both. The diesel heater is usually preferred when the weather condition is especially chilly or when continuous warm water is preferred. The burner uses a thermostatic button that cycles on as well as off according to an interior thermostat. It can be fired up when it is essential and will certainly generate between 50,000 and 65,000 Btu. A gas filter is a have to for the diesel heater, and also it ought to be replaced every year, or at least before a heavy usage duration, to stop blockages that could bring about a burnt-out burner. The majority of motor home suppliers will bring replacement filters, and a spin-on fuel filter is the most common. Altering the nozzle is another vital upkeep item, and it should be done at least annually. The heater nozzle is a finely machined orifice that sprays fuel at a 60-degree angle in a cone-shaped pattern, at a price of 0.35 gallon per hour. As the nozzle is used, dirt accumulates in its vanes and orifice, which erodes with time. Consequently, it may spray in an unsteady pattern or develop a dirty fuel smell. The nozzle needs to be cleaned and also degreased, after that changed with a brand-new one. It is not constantly simple to service your own unit, yet if you have a little time on your hands and also are not dealing with any kind of significant issues, it may be possible to do some basic jobs on your own. This will conserve you some labor prices as well as help make certain that the work is done right. A few easy devices will certainly be required to service your unit, such as a 3/8 inch drive cog with a 10″ long extension, and a 7/16″ wrench. A few other devices, such as an oil filter wrench, and also a few replacement components can be purchased from your local recreational vehicle dealer or from on-line sources. If you’re uncertain what device to use, it’s normally best to get suggestions from a specialist. It’s also a great suggestion to have an extra collection of tools available, as you never ever recognize when the requirement will arise. Refreshing your Aqua-Hot is not an uphill struggle if you have the correct tools as well as a little understanding. A voltmeter is useful for testing voltage, as well as you’ll require to drain the coolant, mix some fresh liquids, pump the new coolant into the system and clear out any type of excess air from the lines. Then the mixing shutoff must be examined and also adapted to allow proper flow as well as stress. As soon as this has actually been done, the system needs to be run on the diesel burner for a couple of mins to check for proper procedure. As soon as the system has been operating on the diesel heater for a couple of mins, it is best to examine every one of the links to the fuel line as well as tighten as needed. This will aid to prevent damage throughout the winterizing procedure. It is also a good idea to check that the flame sensing unit (photocell) is operating properly, as carbon down payments can build up around.


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