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Studying the Teachings from the Book of Daniel 12

As a Christian, it’s very important to make sure that you read the bible very regularly so that you will have the knowledge of the bible and know how to fight with the enemy. When you read the bib le, you will also be able to know the promises of the lord and hence it will be easy for you to pray while remind the lord what he has said about you in his holy book. You should not wait to go to church on Sunday or Saturday so that the pastor can read the bible for you. Even as you study the bible, ensure that you pray for understanding from God so that you will have the right understanding of that beautiful book of the lord. The book of Daniel is one of the books that you should read for it will prepare you on the second d coming of Christ and prepare you on how to wait for the Christ. The bible indicates that there is the end times and there are signs for this. Every believer is therefore encouraged to be prepared for the coming of the Christ so that you will not be left alone.

One of the signs of the second coming of Christ or the end rimes is wars. This is very evidence even in the world of today. Wars have come as close as to the churches. You will find people fighting for power in churches and even people of the same family fighting one another. This is a clear indication that the lord is coming soon and hence you must take the take left to repent and pray for God’s mercies upon your life and also make sure that you pray for God to give you eternal life.

As a Christian who hopes for life after death, you need to ensure that you do what Christ wants you to do and teach others how to live a good and pure life as well. However, no one is holy and that is the reason there is need for repentance all the time. It’s crucial to understand what the bible says about the end times and how you need to stay so that you will be amongst those that will inherited the kingdom of the lord. You must hence rea the book of Daniel chapter 12. There are many signs s that when you see you need to know that it’s the second coming of Christ. Some of the signs are indicated below

Religious deception. There is a lot of deceit in the religion these days. So many false prophets are in this world and they are all claiming to preach the gospel of the lord and to reveal what God has showed them. Also a lot of pastors who are there for material things and in our churches. They are deceiving people about the bible while using powers that are not from the lord they say they are preaching about. The bible says that you will know them by their actions so you must be very vigilant so that you will not be amongst those that will follow false teachings that are not from the lord.

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