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Name tags that Fit Your Event

When thinking about the best reusable name tags for the occasions, numerous factors come into consideration; the size, type and duration of the event usually tops the entire list. Is the event a one-time thing or will it stretch out for a couple of days? Do you plan on letting the people keep the name tags as mementos, reuse them or maybe go for reusable name tags? Here are a handful of name tag styles that you can choose for your event.

Event Name tags

Event badges give that fancy look and feel to just about any event from conferences, meetings and even the backstage passes that management provide in concerts; these event name tags are highly customizeable. Because of the quality laminated plastic alongside crisp and appealing colors on the name tag, it makes all the photos, logos and artwork standout. Event name tags can feature the attendee’s name, related QR codes, bar codes as well as maps and agendas on the other side. Lastly, if you’re really aiming for the premium appearance of your reusable name tags, choose from seven different finishes when turning basic name tags to brilliant ones; original gloss, holographic overlay, soft touch, foil accent, satin, metallic and clear.

Holder-less Name tags

For a lot of people, holder-less name tags are the best option for meetings that are essentially informal and short since they don’t demand much in planning. It’s highly recommended to keep a stock of holder-less name tags on hand in case surprise meetings occur or for the arrival of last-minute attendees since both of these circumstances happen a lot.

The best name tag for casual events that occur in one day.

1. A good option for organizations and attendees that lean more towards ‘green’ and eco-friendly meetings.
2. Not all name tags are accepted when handwritten, but holder-less name tags are.
3. Perfect for those who are on a tight budget

Reusable Name Tags

One thing that people love about reusable name tags is the fact that it looks like the typical corporate ID that people can wear without coming with the commitment that the actual ID entails. It’s highly practical because all it requires is printing out inserts for the board member or staff and just slipping them in the reusable name tags; by swapping inserts, they can be used again and again.

Many consider reusable name tags as the best type of name tag when designating volunteers, staff and board members regardless of the event since they hold up nicely no matter how long the usage is.

Name Tag Pouches

Besides the name tag, each attendee will bring other small items like cash, room keys, agenda and cellular phones. Therefore, the name tag pouch was made in order to offer a solution, and with the amount of space left multiple logos can be added; that’ why sponsors love pouches, it’s an added advertisement.

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