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DOT.CDL Physical Examination
When one is in the transport industry or is employed to conduct some transport services, they are required to undergo a complete medical evaluation. Well, you may be wondering what exactly is referred to as the DOT medical examination. This medical examination is necessary for every individual in the transport industry to have before they are allowed to use any commercial vehicle, the exam is aimed at ensuring that all commercial drivers have their health in check and are in the best condition to operate the buses and trucks.
It is important to remember that drivers who operate commercial vehicles may be required to travel for long hours and therefore they may be subjected to a lot of stress. The article here is aimed at giving vital information to any individual that wants to undergo the DOT medical examination.

The DOT medical exam carried out on the drivers includes an al analysis of their blood pressure their vision and also their overall health. The exam ensures that the drivers have o medical issues that may affect how they operate their job There are different subsections of the DOT examination process, first we the eye test which aims at checking the general vision of the individual out of a test that is out of 40, in case an individual puts on glasses they are required to come with them to the exam. The test is conducted on the driver to ensure they have clear sight to drive on the roads.

The hearing senses are also tested, the individual is passed through different kinds of hearing tests where they are required to hear from at least 6 ft away. The blood pressure test is carried out to determine if there is any medical condition and any abnormal factors in the body that the individual is suffering from, that may cause them to not function properly through the long journey period. Urinary tests are also carried out to check the functionality of the driver and if there are conditions that may require them to undergo urgent medical attention.

The DOT exam also covers other factors such as the general weight of the individual the breathing system and other organs such as the reflexes of the body to check their functionality. The individuals are required to have been vaccinated against certain medical illnesses and must provide documentation to prove this. The documents you provide need to be from a certified doctor who has carried out your general examination, the doctor must be qualified. It is necessary to know where one can get a DOT medical examination conducted. You should look up areas that are close to your location that conducts the medical analysis for an affordable price so you can get checked out.

For all commercial vehicle drivers, they need to ensure that they take responsibility when it comes t their health and their safety. They need to ensure they are well to carry out any transportation of goods and they also are concerned with the health of those they are using the road with. With a DOT medical examination certificate , one is guaranteed of a safe travel throughout the hours that they will be on the road.

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