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Your digestive system is responsible for getting the nutrients from your food and delivering them to your body. If you have a health condition or other problem that affects your digestion, it can impact your nutrition levels and cause a host of other problems. One way to correct nutritional deficiencies is to see a holistic nutritionist. Here are some common reasons why people seek treatment from a holistic nutritionist:

What Is A Holistic Nutritionist?
A Holistic Nutritionist is a wellness professional who takes an individualized approach to support your health goals. They are not doctors and cannot diagnose or prescribe medication, but they are trained to help you achieve your health goals with diet and lifestyle changes.

Holistic Nutritionists don’t just focus on what you should be eating or avoiding; they look at the bigger picture to see how your lifestyle factors into your overall health. Most importantly, they work with you as an individual, taking into account your body type, medical history, and personal preferences to make sure that their recommendations will be successful for you.

How Can a Holistic Nutritionist Help You?
You Have Low Energy Levels
A good holistic nutritionist will look at your energy levels as soon as you walk in the door, and they’ll have questions about what you’re eating, drinking, and how much you sleep. It’s not unusual for someone who comes in thinking they need to lose weight to discover that their real problem is anemia or another medical condition that can be treated with proper nutrition.

Your cholesterol is high
This is usually one of the first things your doctor will ask about when you go in for a physical. Usually, the solution is to start exercising more and eat less saturated fat ? but sometimes that doesn’t work. If it’s been weeks since you started exercising and eating right, but your numbers haven’t changed, seeing a holistic nutritionist can help you figure out what adjustments need to be made to your diet (and lifestyle).

You have Food Allergies
Food allergies can be difficult to diagnose because so many other factors can cause symptoms like sneezing or itching. A holistic nutritionist might talk about “sensitivities” instead of allergies, but the end result is usually the same

You are Experiencing Digestive Problems
Digestive issues include irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, acid reflux, and more. These conditions prevent people from getting the nutrients they need from their food to stay healthy. Holistic nutritionists evaluate people’s diets and help them identify specific foods that are causing problems so they can eliminate these foods from their diets and improve their digestive function.

They will help you understand nutrition
Holistic nutritionists can help you make sense of all the information about diet and health that’s out there. With a focus on natural foods, they can help you figure out how to follow a healthy diet that fits your individual needs and preferences.

A holistic nutritionist can help you improve your overall health by looking at your whole lifestyle, not just what you eat. They don’t prescribe diets or tell you what to eat. Instead, they work with you to develop an eating plan that supports your health goals and is sustainable for the long term.

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