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What are the Benefits of Reading the Bible?

Anyone who loves reading the bible can attest that it’s an extraordinary book. The Bible is filled with exemplary stories, parables, and the history of God for decades. The Bible also has deep-moving poetry and words that give us peace of mind, comfort, and wisdom. What’s more, the bible passages help us to enhance morality and ethics. These are some of the reasons why reading the bible should be a priority in our lives. As a believer, you need to make sure that you have treasured the bible more than anything else so that you can take care of your spirituality and relationship with God. In this article, we will look at some of the key reasons why you should embrace reading the word of God as a Christian and believer in Christ. Make sure that you have continued to read on.

First, the bible nourishes us. When you make sure that you have read the bible, you are assured of getting nourished inwardly. Just as a child needs to take food, we as the children of God need to nourish ourselves spiritually by making sure that we have to read the holy book. The Bible is meant to nourish our souls once we read the promises of God in our lives. You are assured of growing your salvation a notch higher when you consider reading the bible. The word of God is the spiritual food that nourishes us. When we get nourished by the word of God, we grow fearfully listening to what God wants from us. In Matthew 4:4 the Lord Jesus says that a man shall not survive on bread alone, but by every word that proceeds through God’s mouth. As a people who live on this earth, Jesus lived this way and He’s our brilliant pattern. We need to survive on this earth, not just on physical food, but by nourishing ourselves by reading God’s word. When you take efforts to nourish your soul by reading the bible, you will not only become righteous but you will be strengthened as a Christian to grow in the ways of the Lord.

The Bible gives us light. This is the other reason why we should read the bible every day. Have you ever walked in the dark? Well, if yes, most probably you had to use a flashlight to see the way, otherwise, you could have fallen over something or get lost on the way. Even though we are born-again Christians, we are still encircled by darkness at these times. Many things can make us lose Christianity and choose ways that don’t please God. How can we get light in life to help us keep our faith in Jesus in these days full of darkness? Well, we can only achieve this if we read the word of God, which is the divine light and God is the light of the world.

In winding up, you will learn more about the end times when you read the bible. When you read the Book of Daniel 12, you will have a better understanding about the second coming of Jesus and the end time events. With this, you will strive to live a righteous life as you wait to receive Jesus on His second coming.

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