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Tips for Drapery Cleaning

Draperies are one of the essential parts of your windows. You invest a considerable amount of money in them, and therefore they will need to be well maintained to retain their original quality. Draperies collect dust, becoming unsightly and unhealthy. They can also absorb smell all around the house and therefore smelling less fresh. Regularly cleaning drapes will make them clean and fresh.

The first step of drapes cleaning is examining and determining their fabric content. They can be made from natural contents such as cotton, wool, and silk. On the other hand, they can be made from materials like nylons and polyester, all synesthetic. Each material has unique cleaning requirements. In most cases, there is always a manufacturer’s label on the drape, which will guide you on the best condition for cleaning the drape?fabric content such as wool shrink when washed.

Once you understand the fabric content, you can then go ahead and take down the drapes. Before transportation, it is essential that you first remove the hooks from the drapes. The hook is a risk because it can get caught in the fabric during the cleaning process. It is vital to note that removing and putting back the hooks are two different things. You should be able to put the hook at the exact place it was. Since it is challenging to know exactly where the hooks were, you should consider marking the drapes using indelible ink. Reinstalling the drapes is sometimes overwhelming, and therefore, it is necessary to give the work to an expert.

Most of the drapes can be machine washed using a gentle cycle. Do not overload your machine with too many drapes, as this may tear the fabric. Cleaning little clothes will ensure that the fabric is moving freely in the machine. If you have not cleaned the drapes before, a spot test will tell whether the detergent will damage them or not. Preferably, you should use either cold or lukewarm water.

The manufacturer’s label on some of the drapes recommends dry cleaning. You can either use the home dry cleaner or take it to professional dry cleaning services. When you do not have the dry cleaner, you can use a washing machine on gentle cycles and mild cleaning detergents. Also, you can hand wash them.

If the draperies are machine washable, then you may consider steam cleaning them. Machine washable fabric contents tend to withstand high temperatures during steaming. Once the steaming is over, the draperies may still be damp. Therefore, you should spread them in a dry place for them to completely dry. If a professional cleaner did the steaming, it is recommended that you steam them again once they’re put back in the windows. Steaming them will remove the ruffling that happens during reinstallation, making the drapes pristine.

The above tips will make the draperies cleaning a hassle-free process. However, if you find the process challenging, there is drapery cleaning in Vacaville to do an excellent job. The service provider will save you time, money, and gas.

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