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It takes two to mingle and walk together with the aim of starting a family. After mingling that is where children will come to complete the family setup . Nevertheless, it does not mean that a couple that have challenges with having babies is not complete. However, in such a scenario, there will be a fair share of challenges because a bigger percentage of people tend to think a family becomes complete when they have children. Hence, such people may even experience stigmatization from the society. But how exactly should such a couple solder on without caring so much about what the society thinks about them? It may be hard but when you engage the right people and maintain the right attitude of being positive you definitely will make it amid the struggles.

Therefore, love must be there for two people to be able to stay in marriage and be able to have deep connections. However, as they say, it is not a bed of roses. There will be challenges in this journey of marriage and there will be days when joy will overflow in the lives of married people. Therefore, if you are in marriage, striking a balance will be very significant. You have to make sure that even when challenges come knocking, you will be in a position to hold yourself together for you to be able to overcome the worst. Apparently, this is where the greatest test lies. So often, people will not be able to endure challenges and it is at this point that the worst happens. Dealing with emotions becomes a tough endeavor for many since they cannot be able to contain their anger.

The moment you are not able to contain your anger you can do anything or say anything which could result to such big problems in marriage. The other problem is when you do not care about the feelings of your partner. This way, you can really heart them in so many ways through what you do and what you say. Disagreements are usually obvious but it is how you deal with the disagreements that determines how you will move forward together. Forgiving and forgetting is usually like a vocabulary to many. This is because as much as they may say they have forgiven, they will keep on repeating what you did to them. This will imply, they have not forgotten what you did to them.

In such a case, it will be quite hard for the two to bond freely. Infidelity is another vice that is killing so many marriages and relationships. If you are not faithful to your partner and they happen to know that that you are cheating on them, it becomes a worst scenario. Nevertheless, how to overcome this may not just be a mere issue. Probably there is a concrete reason as to why a partner could be cheating. As much as there may be no justification of cheating, humans are emotional beings. Therefore, they will always go where they are given attention. Hence, without addressing the root cause of cheating, it will be hard for the two to be able to reconcile and walk together.

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