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Criminal Defense Attorney – A Quick Guide to Choosing the Best Legal Professional

There can be different feelings you feel when facing a criminal charge. Just the thought of going to jail can frighten you. At the same time, you think of how it affects your character, reputation, and even your future life. With the different complexities present in the justice system, you must consider finding a reliable criminal defense attorney.

Choosing the right lawyer is very critical. You need to keep in mind several factors to ensure you hire the best legal help. Here are tips you must know.

1. Check the experience- To be accused of any crime is a serious situation. You want to get a knowledgeable lawyer who can provide and represent you in court. Find a lawyer who has wide experience in different courts such as superior, federal, state, and municipal. This is essential since jurisdictions of courts can overlap, which means that your case is heard in multiple courts.

Aside from the vast experience, you need also to consider the success rate of the lawyer. No matter how good his educational background is, the real-life experience can teach more. Besides, experience with a low rate of success means incompetence in the field. So, you better choose a lawyer who can show you an impressive track record.

2. Refrain from public defenders- Your initial thought might be to get a public defender to save money. However, public defenders are loaded with cases that might affect their commitment to your case. The more clients and cases they handle, the less time they can give to study your case. As a result, they might not be able to defend you appropriately in court.

3. Choose the one with local connections- A lawyer who has established strong relationships with local lawyers and other professionals is helpful to your case. A professional who has a good connection to others has a better understanding of the local procedures. Also, he might have a first-hand experience with the prosecutors and judges. They know who listens to plea bargains, and which judges don’t consider them.

Someone who has more knowledge of what’s happening in the local legal scene is more qualified to help you win your case.

4. Ask about his board certification- A criminal defense lawyer who has board certification is the best. This helps ensure that he is proficient in the field and can provide you with the best legal help. The one who has an excellent reputation, ample experience in jury trials, and specializes in criminal defense increases your chances of winning.

5. Do further research- Explore the internet. There are actually several websites online that can help you gather relevant information for a better decision. You can read reviews and testimonials online. You can even take advantage of free consultations. Most lawyers offer a free initial consultation. Use this to check how good the lawyer is in criminal defense law. Also, use this time to determine whether the lawyer you’re talking to is friendly and empathetic to your case.

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