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Your home remodeling is not complete if you do not remodel your floors today. One of the most popular floor remodeling options today is hardwood flooring. This is because it not only looks good, but it is also durable. If you decide to go with hardwood flooring, you have to decide on the kind of finish you will have. There are many kinds of finishes in the market today. As such, you have many options, which is good. To choose the right finish for your floor, you need to know what the market has to offer. In this article, we will be looking hardwood flooring finishes in detail.

The first option you have when it comes to hardwood flooring finishes is a clear finish. This is one of the most popular options because it gives floors a natural look. If you are going with exotic species of hardwood, then this is the option for you, as it brings out the natural color of the wood. You can also go with a lightly tinted finish to accentuate the wood’s beauty. If you do not want the clear finish, you can choose a stained finish. You can achieve an endless number of looks if you go with the stained option. Stained finishes will take your floors from looking natural to looking any way you want.

If you do not find clear and stained finishes with a particular seller, then they most likely classify their finishes as either light, medium, or dark. Some sellers classify them with their colors such as browns, tans, yellow, and gold. They do so to make it easier for clients to choose the exact color they want for their homes. If you find it difficult to make a choice at the seller’s shop, you can ask them to give you flooring samples with different finishes and take them to the project site to see which one suits you the best.

Hardwood flooring finishes are also categorized differently. They can be categorized as surface finishes or penetrating finishes. Surface finishes are the most common in homes today. They shield hardwood floors from damage by forming a protective layer on top of the wood. Surface finishes make floors look like they have a shiny plastic layer on top of them. There are various surface finishes available in the market today. Some of them are, aluminum oxide, epoxy, and urethane. The beauty of going for this finish is that you can wash your floors with soap and water. This is, however, not possible with penetrating finishes. Rather than lie on top of the wood, penetrating finishes sink into the wood, protecting it from within. They are used by homeowners who want to feel their wood flooring’s grain patterns. Varnish and wax are the most common types of penetrating finishes.

When choosing a seller to get your flooring finish from, you need to consider several factors. One of the most important factors you need to consider is their inventory. Choose a seller who has many kinds of finishes. You should also consider the cost, without compromising on the quality.

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