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How you Can Avoid Distracted Driving
There are so many things that can cause distraction when you’re driving on the road. However, it is important to do everything possible to reduce these distractions to avoid unnecessary deaths and permanent disability. When Accidents, many people suffer; the best thing is to avoid the carelessness and neglect and make sure that you drive carefully. One of the causes of road accidents on our roads is texting and driving. One thing to know is that most of these distractions are avoidable. Although others are impossible, they can be manageable.
Below are important tips to help you avoid distracted driving. The first thing that you have to do before you start driving is to make sure that you are comfortable. Before you can leave your driveway, ensure that you are completely comfortable and ready to drive. Make any adjustments, including your driver’s seat, mirrors, the radio station, temperature, and everything else that makes you be comfortable when commuting.
Next, ensure that you put away your phone. Using the phone while driving is the main cause of serious accidents on our roads today. Hence, always advisable to keep them away. When talking or texting while driving is an offense, please keep off the phone unless you’re expecting an “urgent call,” and still, you’re not encouraged. However, when receiving such a phone call, you can always pull over to answer the call. Even when it’s hands-free, talking over the phone in whichever way causes distractions. You have to completely focus on your driving.
Avoid eating while driving, even when it’s a bite. It is convenient to eat when traveling. However, you cannot eat and drive at the same time. It’s either one or none. Therefore, whenever you want to eat something because you’re hungry, pull over, go to a restaurant or pack your car somewhere and enjoy your snack. However, you cannot juggle between taking your coffee, sandwich, and driving; you will definitely be distracted.
Whenever you drop something when driving, do not pick it up. Be it your purse, your lipstick, or anything else that can take away your focus, avoid reaching for it. This is a bad idea that can make you cause a serious accident. Wait until you reach your destination so that you can retrieve it. To avoid this, keep all the items at the back seat that can drop when you’re driving. If something rolled under the brakes or the gas pedals, this could cause accidents. In case something like this happens, pull over and pick it up. Always keep your eyes on the road. Avoid unnecessary distractions, including storefronts, billboards, or anything happening on the road. Always check ahead and pay attention to the vehicles ahead of you. Always be alert and on the lookout for every potential danger that can put you and other drivers at risk.
Be extra careful if you have kids in the car. Long car drives can make your kids unsettled and grumpy. Ensure that your children are not misbehaving; they should always be buckled up on their seats and always ensure that the car doors are on child lock. This way, the children will not play with the door or be able to open it.

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