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Why CDASH and SDTM are Important?

With the goal of standardizing data exchange between clinical research and nonclinical research and ensuring uniformity across studies submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) has developed standards for data exchange to streamline clinical research and facilitate health care connections. The CDISC association have been using numerous data exchange standards. The most frequently utilized exchange standards include: CDASH or Clinical Data Acquisition Standards Harmonization as well as SDTM or Study Data Tabulation Model. Sponsors may submit data to the FDA or other regulatory agencies using these standards.

Standardizes data collection across studies in order to ensure that there is clear traceability between data collection and submission. The traceability will allow for more transparency whenever the regulatory agencies review the data.

A standard way of structuring data that streamlines the collecting, managing, analyzing and most of all reporting of results. SDTM is worked around the idea that the perceptions from clinical review subjects can be depicted by a progression of factors relating to a line in an informational collection or table, with each column being ordered by its job (identifier, theme, timing, and qualifier factors). Also, this SDTM model supports SEND or Standard for Exchange of Nonclinical Data, pharmacogenomics/genetic devices as well as medical devices.

CDASH is worried about the manner in which information is caught and most of all the data quality. In the system of CDASH, it’s more vital that questions are gathered in a way that catch the genuine goal for the review and is simple for clinicians to comprehend or site clients to enter study data. SDTM, on the other hand, focuses on how data is structured in order to simplify analyses and reporting results.

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