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Benefits of Military Housing

Though the military may not be highest paying job, there are advantages that it has and one of them is housing. The military housing has several advantages and here are some of them :

Free rent. When you live in a military house you don’t pay rent. The gas, water and average electricity bills are also included with the rent so you don’t have to pay for these too. The only things you do pay for are other expenses such as phone, internet and cable TV services. If you don’t get an available military house, the military will still provide you with a house allowance so that you can rent a rental house. The problem with this is if the house allowance you are given does not cover your rent completely and you have to pay some of it with your own money. To be on the safe side, look for a military house as soon as possible.

Convenience.The price of car gas is continually going up and driving frequently can cost you a lot of money.When you live on a military base, you can just walk or ride a bicycle to the dining hall, commissaries,bowlimg and other organized events. This helps you scarcely drive and you will end up saving a lot of time and money.

Maintenance. Unlike other houses where you have to worry about maintenance to keep your house in the best condition, when you live in a military house, you don’t have to worry about maintenance. The government wants the soldiers to be happy, healthy and serve the country well so they take care of the military houses.

You are in a gated community. The military base is gated and constantly guarded so it is safe. It is a small community so you know your neighbors well and are close with them. Parents can let their kids go to a friends house at night without worrying too much about their safety. You can also feel safe enough to hold barbecues at night and enjoy yourselves without worrying about your security. The same cannot be said for other town houses so if you want to feel safe then move to a military base.

You have accessible Medical Center. Health is one of the most important things in life if not the most important. You want you and your family to access medical care easily and a military base offers that. They offer medical care for free at the base clinic so that you and your family can be happy and healthy.

There is no boredom. You may think that moving to a military house will be boring but it is actually not. There are recreational facilities including a community pool, bowling, a golf course and others. There are also parties that are thrown frequently so you can go party and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Military bases can also have visits from famous celebrities so you can even get to meet your favorite celebrity.
Now that you have known all the above benefits you can go right ahead and choose the best one for you and your family.

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