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Forklift Repair And Maintenance

Forklift repair vs forklift maintenance

When it comes to heavy gear, the old adage rings true as well: pay now or pay later is a wise choice. What exactly does this mean? If you choose to overlook the squeaking wheel and rusted frame of your lift, you may expect to pay a hefty repair bill when the repairman comes knocking on your door. Alternatively, you may plan regular maintenance on your lift?which includes many of the same things that you would conduct on a passenger car?and extend the life of your lift by many years. Routine maintenance, such as replacing belts and filters, changing the oil, and testing the hydraulics, will ensure that you don’t have to start looking for “forklift for sale” advertising again much sooner than you’d want to be.

Is it Necessary to Use Aftermarket Parts?

If you’re doing the repairs in-house, one question that many firms struggle with is whether it’s worth it to use OEM components rather than aftermarket ones. Due to the much higher cost of original manufacturer equipment (which is often more than twice as costly), it might be tempting to go for a less-priced substitute. In addition to being built of less robust materials, these components might also have a shorter lifetime, which means you’ll be back out on the road searching for a new part much sooner than you would have liked. A decent answer is to select a midway path and evaluate what the component is intended to do before making a decision. The OEM version is likely to be more cost effective if the engine component in question is difficult to access and subjected to a great deal of damage. If, on the other hand, you’re talking about a windshield wiper, the aftermarket component is most likely going to be more than satisfactory.

When Forklift Repair Is Exorbitantly Pricey

Even after a car has been subjected to many years of rigorous duty, it may turn out to be more costly to repair than it would be to purchase a new one. You’ll need to determine whether to look at new or used forklifts initially in such instance, and that’s the first decision you’ll have to make. Lifts may cost as much as $20,000 or $30,000 new, with secondhand lifts costing nearly as much as new ones. Keep in mind that if your company has more than one forklift, having all of the lifts be of the same brand will make it much simpler for the person in charge of forklift maintenance to keep track of everything. As an example, if you have a Crown forklift at one location, a Toyota lift at another, and a Nissan lift at a third location, it might be difficult to source components for all three of these machines at the same time. If, on the other hand, you have a fleet of Komatsu forklifts, you can simply utilize the same parts dealer for all of your forklift repair requirements after you’ve established a relationship with him.

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