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Looking for Rat Rod Chassis

If you need chassis for your industrial work, then you need to purchase one from a reliable store. You even need to get rat rod chassis to be exact. A lot of stores must have been selling chassis, but you need to get the material from an ideal provider. As you visit the official site of the store, you will see that the product is being featured well. If you need to know more about its dimension, you will surely read the details immediately. You would love to get a product that is truly set of formed Model A rail.

You would love to get a product that has 4.25-inch ground clearance. It even has a 24 inches tall front tire. If you will examine the product closely, you will see that everything is indeed above the frame rails’ bottom. That already includes the oil pan on engine. If you also examine its rear housing, you will notice that is located above the rails. It is made on that position to maintain the levelness of frame. If you will use a 30 inches tall rear tire, you will surely find out that the tope of the tire is found also at the trunk found on a coupe body. If you desire to adjust the ride height, all you need to do is to choose one among the three adjustments found in the rear.

Aside from that, you will love the installed removable transmission mount which goes hand in hand with the ladder bar mounts. You will be assured that the front mount of your ladder bars gives optimum traction and transfer. If you do not desire to see anything that hangs below the frame rail, you better use swinging brake pedal. When looking for rat rod chassis, you will see various types as featured online.

If you want to enjoy formed rail design, you would love to have Model A Rat Rod Perimeter Frame. You will notice that the frame rails have the mounting nuts being welded securely. It also has front cross member that is useful for dropped axle. It costs $1,800. You may also avail Model A Rat Rod Basic Frame. It has front shock towers, perimeter frame, Vega streering box mount, front panhard mount, tubular engine mounts, front hair pin mounts, removable transmission mounts, ladder bar mounts, and upper rear shock mounts. It costs $2,700.

You would also like to avail model A Rat Rod Rolling Chassis. Aside from basic frame, you will find dropped tube there. It also has complete cross steering, front hairpin, rear ladder bar, spine axles, and drum brakes. Overall, it costs $8,750. If you avail any of those products, you will spend for crating and shipping. If you choose to get any of the rolling chassis, you must provide a down payment of 75{26d28cabc9b729fd1037b555462a72a61d3202ba35dcf7755dc441d9f2428190} of the total cost. The final payment is due 5 minutes before they ship the item. You can also seek for additional upgrades. Just contact the agents through hotline or Facebook.

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