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Guidelines to Get your ITIN immediately

ITIN or commonly known as the individual taxpayer identification number is required if you go to US. This tax id number will be very crucial for you as you enter in the country because it will serve a gate pass or passport for you. Not having the ITIN or the individual taxpayer identification number would lead for other transactions to not be made possible just like the SSN or the social security number. In order to open for a US bank account and also to file a tax, you are required to have a copy of the individual taxpayer identification number or ITIN. If you are from other country and would want to transfer and live in the US for good. It is essential for you to go and apply for an individual taxpayer identification number. Applying for that tax id number is possible without other crucial documents such as the social security system. Or without regards with the immigration status that you currently have. US filing and requirements for the reporting of tax is available for both the residential and non-residential individual. As was already mentioned, the individual taxpayer identification number can serve in many ways. Filing the tax, opening a US based bank account and also the acquiring of the tax return from the IRS all need to have the copy of the individual taxpayer identification number. You might be worrying as to what you have to do to get yourself an ITIN, but worry no more as you will know the itin number application as you read more now.

To get your tax id number, you need to get yourself first an IRS certifying acceptance agent. Assisting for all the outsiders of the US country such as the foreigners are easy and convenient when you have the agents with you. They serve in filing the important documents and to authenticate your identity once you apply for the ITIN. There will be variations in the time it will took for processing the individual taxpayer identification number. If it is on the season of application then it will take up to five to six weeks whereas if it is off season then it will take around 3 to 4 weeks. To get the individual taxpayer identification number you will need to prepare for a two sets of documentation. Identification documentation such as the certified true copy of passport can be submitted for the documentation process. The federal income tax return form is a good example of the supporting documentation that needs to be passed for the filing process.

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