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Purchasing the Right Swim Record Boards

We cannot ignore the integral role that swim record boards play in motivating swimmers and divers. Records of your program’s best team members on display at all practice sessions eliminate any misunderstandings over the targets to surpass. This is one of the significant reasons why swimming teams go for record boards for their natatoriums. Understanding their role only is only one part of the journey. You have to know what will fit you among the numerous options existing in the market. If you are buying your first swim records board, it can be a daunting proposition, knowing what you should settle for. That is why we’ve spelled out a few considerations to take into perspective when purchasing the ideal swim record boards.

While the primary role of these boards is recording times registered by each member, you want the board to be attractive. You will put a lot of information on the swim record board, and if it is not correctly organized, the data will not be useful. With a brilliant design, the information will be recorded in a well-organized manner that will be easy to read, understand, and digest. Besides that, ensure that the designs match and highlight the theme and feel of the facility. The design should be customized to fit your needs, including the incorporation of your logo and team colors.

Furthermore, check the eligibility of the swim record board before purchasing. Even with the best design, the record boards you pick will offer little or no returns if it is illegible. The primary goal is presenting your record clearly and in a readable format. Make sure you consider the size and thickness, as well as the contrast of the lettering as the two will affect the legibility of the board you buy. Therefore, guarantee you are picking the right size, color, and weight of lettering so that your swimming board is readable.

The normal natatorium provides unique challenges on the question of any signage, as well as swim record boards. The environment has a condition that will generally be harsh on the record boards. Any signage will be exposed to heat, humidity, moisture, lighting, and chemicals like chlorine, which can damage the swim record boards. With that in mind, you ought to check the material a supplier uses for making the swim record boards. Make sure they are using robust and resilient material that can endure harsh conditions in the natatorium. Go for PVC and aluminum as they do well in such settings. You may need a protective UV coating for protection against ultraviolet rays that cause color fading.

Typically, updates are inevitable because records on the swimming boards will be broken. An often ignored factor regarding a record board is the updating part of the board. You should pick a swim record board that can be updated easily. Therefore, make sure you know what work will be involved in the update process. That ensures that you are finding it simple to change any details, which improves convenience and efficiency. Last but not least, ensure you are purchasing from a licensed and reputable supplier.

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