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Underlying Principles of Interior Design

The basic rule of interior design is that there are no rules. Experienced interior designers, however, tend to have their way of getting it right when it comes to interior design. Even the most experienced designers would need to understand some of the underlying principles of interior design. One would need to begin by having a plan. Space tends to be the first aspect one would need to plan. It would need essential for one to focus on planning the space, defining circulation patterns as well as mapping other aspects of the interior such as where various furniture would need to sit. One would need to note that every room demands different setup which tends to begin by assessment of the rooms followed by manipulation of the room to make all items and people fit. It is normal for people to think that what they need ought to be acquired. It may be critical to remember that most of the items one may need may already be in existence.

It may be critical for one to create a vision. Once one has space to work with, he or she would also need to have a vision. To any interior designer, coming up with a concept is like telling a story. The interior designer tends to first create a story of how and where each element and piece will fit in the interior.

You would also need to think about construction and materials. It may be critical to note that materials and construction tends to highly affect the overall results. It is always essential to remember that quality materials tend to have a better feeling when compared to the feeling offered by poor quality materials. It is also essential to remember that spending a lot of money does not imply that you will end up with the best feeling. All you would need to look at when choosing various items is the material used to make the item as well as its durability.

It may be essential for one to note that contrast and juxtaposition tend to be essential elements of interior design. It would be essential for one to work with textures, shapes, patterns, and materials to offer the client the best results. The major role of juxtaposition is to ensure that the eye appreciates the difference. Juxtaposition tends to involve throwing something complex just next to something simple to make the eye appreciate the complexity in question. You would also need to be keen to details to achieve your intended outcome. It is always essential to note that every detail counts.

It is also essential to be authentic to make the project personalized to the user. It is essential to meet the aesthetic tastes and preferences to the user.

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