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The Recommended Food and Tips to Improve your heart health
In the United States and other countries, most of the drugs are quite expensive. Consequently, many health experts advise patients to use home and natural medications as alternatives to other kinds of blood thinners. However, most of the patients have decided to replace the medications with natural kinds of blood thinners to reduce negative effects of the drugs. The following are some of the blood thinners that one can add in their diet.
Ginger is a commonly used spice that is recognized for its health benefits. Individuals who suffer from blood clotting are advised to incorporate ginger tea in their breakfast. If you are experiencing respiratory difficulties, you should consider taking a cup of ginger.
The largest percentage of its health benefits originates from Curcumin. The the best thing about turmeric is that is can be used in soups, tea, or solid dishes. Good news is that you can add black pepper to increase the level of absorption.
It can also be added in other dishes to make them tastier and include a better fragrance. Coumarin and Warfarin are the two major kinds of blood thinners that play the blood thinning properties. Patients should control the amount of cinnamon that they consume.
It is therefore advisable to take the pepper at least three times in a week. In case you do not find the herb itself, you can look for the powder form in stores and then add it in your juice or milk. However, it is advisable to take it in small amounts because its hotness and spicy nature.
It is the most effective blood thinning agents because it affects platelets and fibrin. However, it still maintains its health benefits after it is cooked. If you are suffering from arthritis, you should consider consuming these kinds of blood thinners because it is a good arthritic pain reliever. Evidently, garlic has significant components that are useful and highly pronounced.
Salmon is a spice with high concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids which are very helpful in blood thinning. However, the daily consumption of salmon should not exceed three grams. A patient should however talk to their doctor because their condition might demand a different amount of salmon.
Nutritionists and health experts advise people to take red wine to prevent blood clotting. However, the consumption of wine requires moderation. Patients under the prescription of blood thinners should avoid wine and alcohol because they easily interact with the medicines.
According to recent research, this component also reduces blood clots that threaten the body. The best vitamins are those that come from food, such as wheat germ and whole grains. Onions also have excellent antioxidant properties which help the spice to fight free radicals that can potentially damage cell tissues. You should consider eating these kinds of blood thinners while raw to ensure that you enjoy all the health benefits that the staple has to offer.
Patients need to understand that natural remedies are helpful but they are not as effective as the blood-thinning medications which means that natural remedies are better used as preventive measures.