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A Guide to Tomboy Style

You might be asking what a tomboy style is all about. You can have a unique fashion feeling like a tomboy. If you add boyish elements into your style, then you get a tomboy style. This style can be subtle, become like a guy, and everything in between. Below is a guide for a tomboy style.

Low shoes are great for tomboy style. A tomboy does not feel comfortable with heels. You only need a few heels for special occasions so get rid of most of them. For any type of clothing, wear sneakers, slip-on, biker boots, or brogues.

Wear comfortable sneakers with your fitted dress. But baggy and loose fitted pieces are bets for tomboy style. You can also create great contrast with your style by wearing fitted jeans paired with a wide sweater or a baggy pants and a fitted top. Choosing a size up would make you feel more comfortable and not be conscious about how everything fits all the time.

Going for short hair can complete your tomboy look, but you can still attain it even with long hair. You look like a complete tomboy with short hair. A longer bob hairdo is great.

The tomboy style is all about comfort when you wear things. You grow on tomboy style, it is not imposed. Even if you wear dresses and skirts, you can still attain the tomboy style if you wear them with a tough jacket and sporty sneakers.

If you mix your floral dress or matching denim set with sneakers then it can achieve the tomboy style. You can mix unexpected combinations depending on how tomboy you want to feel.

If you want to look cool, then wear a hoodie. A great tomboy look can be obtained with a hoodie paired with your culottes and mules. You can also pair your hoodies with a skirt or underneath a furry coat.

A comfortable way of adding athletic elements to your look is by wearing track pants.

Button your button-down to the top and wear it with other masculine tailored items and a pair of denim.

A classic pantsuit is menswear-inspired. You can pair your pantsuit with girly shoes and bags.)

Baggy jeans can help you achieve a good tomboy look. It gives off a style that is borrowed from the boys. You can have a complete tomboy look if you pair your baddy jeans with a graphic t-shirt and sneakers.

A great tomboy look pairs an oversized blazer with jeans and t-shirt. You get the ultra tomboy look with the oversized blazer. Your oversized blazer would insinuate that you borrowed it from a man to make it your own.

The Best Advice on Shoes I’ve found

The Best Advice on Shoes I’ve found