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Advantages of Amsoil As A Synthetic Oil

When you want to get motor oil for your vehicle, the first thing that comes into mind is synthetic oil. You should know that among all synthetic oils ,Amsoil is the best by far. Its molecular formula gives it the ability to reduce friction and excess heat in your engine effectively hence giving your vehicle maximum performance and efficiency. It has several advantages and here are some of them :

Heat reduction. Amsoil has high resistance to high temperature votality hence does not evaporate due to high temperatures. It protects the engine from the effects of high temperature through little oil consumption. Other oils however, evaporate from high temperatures leading to thicker and heavier oil. Heavy oil is not good since it causes low circulation and increased oil consumption.

Increased shear strength. Amsoil has a really high shear strength of about 3000 psi .This is why it maintains a dependable lubricating film for engines for a long time in normal operating conditions.Other conventional oils have a shear strength of only 800 psi and definitely not as sturdy and dependable as Amsoil.

Longer drain intervals. Amsoil offers longer drain intervals due to its much longer service life. The extended drain intervals in turn reduce oil cost, damage and environmental pollution. It also reduces downtime and this s very beneficial to truckers because of reduced downtime, oil cost and engine protection.

Less oil consumption. Amsoil is highly stable compared to other conventional oils which are highly volatile and evaporate to give thicker oil which is highly inefficient . It’s high stability prevents it from evaporating even during very high temperature conditions.This hence leads to lower oil consumption, clean lubricated systems and long engine life.

Reduce oxidation. Amsoil has highly hydrogenated molecules and a uniform strong intermolecular bond to protect it from oxidative damages. However, oxidation cannot be prevented so your oil undergoes some oxidation to lubricate and keep all your systems deposit free and prevents corrosion for a longer span of time hence prolonging oil life and saving you money.

Better mileage. Amsoil has a reduced inter lubricant drag when compared to petroleum oils. This is very beneficial since the lubricated systems uses the fuel energy to work and not in overcoming any form of drag.

Maintained oil fluidity at low temperatures.When the temperatures are too low during winter, other oils tend to freeze and prevent the engines to start. Amsoil however can maintain it’s fluidity at temperatures as low as -70 degrees. It can therefore start up your engine easily leading to faster lubrication and better friction.

Better filtration properties.Amsoil oil and its air filters have a better ability to trap any dust and contaminants than conventional oils. It therefore helps maintain the oils cleanliness and hence improved performance.

Now that you have known all the above benefits of using Amsoil ,it is time to look for the best Amsoil dealer out there. Do your thorough research to find out which company offers the best services and is made up of a team of professionals who will guide you well and show you what is best for you.

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