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Benefits of Microneedling
Microneedling is one of the best methods of skin care. A pen or wand fixed with needles is used to create only skin deep tiny wounds on your skin. Your body reacts quickly to bring healing factors to the skin that boost its strength, health and radiance. There are several benefits of Microneedling and here are some of them :
Reduces signs of aging. Nothing reminds you more of your aging than wrinkles and lines on your skin and you don’t want to look old so soon. The wounds created by Microneedling boost the production of collagen. Collagen helps maintain your skins elasticity and youthful radiance and also prevents wrinkles from becoming apparent on your forehead.
Scar treatment. Due to the production of collagen during Microneedling, scars that are not raised, acne and other ugly blemishes on your skin are eliminated. This leaves your skin as smooth and flawless as that of a baby’s.
Sun damage. Although the sun feels good against your skin and is good for it, too much sun is not good at all. When you expose your skin to strong sunlight, you will get ugly sunburns and color spots on your skin. Microneedling stimulates collagen production which helps remove those spots and even out your skin tone.
Shrink pores. No one wants the pores on their skin to be large and visible. Microneedling helps reduce the size of the pores by releasing collagen around them which makes the area around the pores plump and the pores themselves become invisible.
Improve effectiveness of skin products. If you want to apply skin products such as moisturizers and anti aging cream on skin, the best time to do so is after Microneedling. During this time your skin receives these products more readily and they work more efficiently boosting your skins health and appearance.
Fight stretch marks. During pregnancy your skin stretches a lot leaving marks behind and you don’t want this. After pregnancy, you should go for Microneedling. The process is really effective in reducing the appearance of these marks and your skin will look as flawless as it was before pregnancy.
Rosacea reduction. If you suffer from this condition your seen is thicker and very irritable. This is because the condition causes breakdown of collagen and so it does not do its work properly. Microneedling boosts the production of collagen which helps a lot in reducing the thick skin and making your skin less irritable.
Fewer side effects than laser treatment and intensive skin peel. Microneedling has less side effects than the others and also takes a shorter time to work. Microneedling takes about 24hours and a maximum of 72 hours before you can enjoy your better looking and healthier skin. Laser treatment and intensive peeling however, take a way longer time to work.
Now that you have known the benefits of Microneedling, you can look for the best service to do the job. Do your research online and find out which company offers the best quality work and has the majority of good reviews in South Surrey.

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