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Daniel 12: End Time Events and Second Coming of Jesus

Understanding the Bible and believing in its message is one of the vital things among believers. The second coming of Jesus and the end times occurrences give every Christian sleepless night to pray and fast so that their sins can be forgiven. Therefore, it is suitable for Adventist believers to assess their relationship with Jesus before the end times. It is true most people are anxious about the end times; however, according to the Bible, you don’t need to worry but talk to the lord. He listens to everyone, and thus all your fears should be directed to Him so as he can comfort your heart. As a Christian having peace of mind and the safety of your soul is of the essence. Therefore, you need to reflect on your life and repent before the end. When Jesus comes to save his people, you need to be among them. More clarification about the message of end times in Daniel 12 is discussed below.

Daniel’s final vision. As a prophet, he foretold the return of Jesus to save humanity from rising conflicts of the world. His people will be saved and delivered from oppression, and that is why Daniel explains what will happen when Jesus returns in chapter 12. However, according to Daniel chapter 12. 9-10; Daniel explains that the message will be confidential, under lock and key until the end when things will be about to be wrapped up. The populace will be washed and made new, and the wicked keep on being wicked without any information about what is going on. As a Christian, this is a strong message as it warns us and intent that Christians should be wise so as they can have a clue on what is going on or what is coming. Those that will be living during the end times are beneficiaries of these visions, as the wise will look for the word of God and ask for wisdom to realize God’s plan.

The promise of Daniel. The message about the end times was so heavy for many followers and thus for the benefit of the doubt; prophet Daniel promised that those that know Jesus will endure no matter the circumstances they will be in it. This is because when anybody allows Jesus in their life, they are made washed, cleaned, and made new. Even though you may lack a hint about the end times, at least you are sure of eternal life by starting a new life with Jesus. According to Daniel 12.12 -13, blessed are the ones who receive Jesus and remain faithful till the end (1335) days. In the final verse, Daniel is told that he will rise again and receive his allotted inheritance during the last days. This shows that you should not fear death as a believer since it is only a resting place, and you will resurrect during the end times. This is how Jesus came to conquer death, so the believers of the word of God are assured of eternal life.

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