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All You Need to Know About Prayer Groups in Christian Science, Chicago

The Christian scientist church has been in existence for more than 100 years. Their main aim is to glorify God, bless humanity and follow the vision of its founder Mary Baker Eddy. It was established in 1914 after several scientists in Chicago decided to start a church in their neighborhood. In the 1970s, the church started outreach services that helped it to gain more members. The church moved into its current location in 1983, and it has been its residence to date. Even after the many years of existence, the Christian Church continues to uphold their Christian science healing and service. Members show their commitment by dedicating their services to the church and showing their love for God and man.

Worship, Prayer Group Meetings. Youth Sunday School

The church in Chicago has more than twenty-four church worship communities in Metro Chicago. The groups hold at least two services every week all year round. The Sunday church service is open to everyone and it takes place in the morning. The mid-week worship prayers take place on Wednesdays mostly in the evening. Members are notified about the meeting location in the sidebar links.


The midweek prayer group meeting is an informal gathering where the members conduct a service by singing, praying, and receiving different teachings from a variety of topics. The climax of the meeting is where any member shares healing from their study in their Christian science.


The Sunday church service lasts for one hour. It is conducted by the members of the church and the teachings come from the Bible and other supplementary readings from science and health with key to the scriptures. The service is open to all members of the public and there are no dressing restrictions.

Sunday School

Sunday school helps to discover the level of spirituality in the member’s lives, how they apply it in their daily lives, and how it shows up in different activities the church members are involved in. It is a way of supporting each other by talking with kids below the age of twenty to help them solve the different issues they might be facing in life.

The main objective of Sunday school is to help the kids understand the Bible and to help them apply all that they learn in their day-to-day life. The mentors are particular on the ten commandments, the lord’s prayer, and the sermon on the mountain which they constantly teach the kids. The three teachings have been effective in shaping the lives of the kids until they become adults.

Sunday school is open to everyone below the age of twenty and it runs concurrently with the Sunday worship service. The young children and infants who can’t attend the Sunday school are cared for in the nursery. In Sunday school, younger children sing and read Bible stories. The older ones on the other hand are more organized, and they even sing hymn songs. The kids meet all year round and the service is open to all kids who are willing to join the program.


There are special thanksgiving services that last for one hour. The members sing, share gratitude, and engage in Bible lessons.

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