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If you are in search for some camping tips, especially if you’re a newbie, then you’re in the right place. In case that this is your first time camping, then the decision on where to go hinges on the time that you have and whether you’re close to the wilderness or not. If you’re only starting, then ask associates and friends regarding where they’ve been and to how long and how far. If you may team up with a relative or friend who has experience in such, then that is better.

You can team up as well with another person who has experience and you may ask if you could use their equipment. Seldom, you are going to need separate stoves. You might share a tent if it’s large enough. But still, you would have to bring some stuff of your own but if you will be on a short trip to close destination, then you might save money on items that your friends brought for the trip.

Among the best tips that you can have is borrowing equipment from the campers. As a matter of fact, your co-campers would be more than willing to part some stuff of theirs if you let them know that you’re in for a short trip only. However, just make assurance that you will take good care of the items as they lend it to you. In the event that you can’t find someone who can lend you their stuff, then you would have no other choice but to buy some pieces on your own. This will include the sleeping bag, tent, sleeping mat and depending whether you’re hiking or car camping to the destination, be sure that you have your backpack. The overall cost of the equipment will run you down for around 900 dollars or sometimes, more. On the other hand, there are a lot of outfitters that rent special equipment which is perfect for those who are starting out in camping.

Probably, you’ve been thinking about having outdoor vacation for quite some time. You’ll need ideas of where you will be going on your first trip. The articles in outdoor magazines, brochures or any materials from the closest state park must be taken into mind. Majority of the parks actually have a visitor center in which it’s complete with brochures and maps describing the top destinations and features of the region. Contact the park and get a brochure ahead of time.

Picking a destination only means that you’re choosing the best campsite. There are campgrounds that are only offering primitive campsite along with cleared ground for tents. Then again, some other campgrounds are offering electrical and water hookups for convenience of campers. Others however might be offering several activities including but not limited to rafting, rowboats and canoeing. With a campground brochure on hand, you won’t have to guess what activities or amenities the campground has to offer since everything is already listed on the brochure that you have ordered in advance.

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