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We Need Not Lose Hope In Our Lives.

Everybody in the world has the purpose of living. Some of us feel down in our lives only to realize there other ones who are aspiring to be like them. This makes my story unique to that of yours and vice versa. It remains the fact that each person does have a unique story to that of others. Some have tough ones while others do have stories that are full of dramas. Our stories are more of our thing but again, we should try a lot to share it with others. Tell your story broadly with a lot of passion and conviction too. This does speak a lot about what we have gone through or what we are going through at present.

When you are sharing your story with any person, these are always great power in it. Your journey can be an encouraging story for many people. This helps many of us have lost the courage to push with our lives. It makes one wakes out and fight his or her problems. This shows us that with God, we stand a chance of doing greater things. You clearly understand that God has good plans for helping you solve your problems. You have all you need to face your problems. Problems are not your siblings, children, parents or anyone who you care about. Make sure you do away with them. This will make you a better strong person again.

Like I said before, everyone has his or her own story. For me, I have many personal stories. But let me talk a story about money as you all know money is a problem these days and makes a lot of people feel like they have lost hope in life. One day as I was walking out of the church I meet a guy who seemed good to interact with. In my understanding, I knew it was right to deal with this man. It happened very first that the guy drained all my money. I lost everything. I was almost ready to commit suicide. I thought I had a sharp mind only to realize is was played. After some days people with whom I had debt started showing up. I received a call every minute. I did not know what was right any longer. I was so messed up and I had lost hope with my life. I felt like I was the biggest idiot this world had ever produced. My days were over as for me.

It took me time to realize that my life matters a lot and since my property was seized by the debtors. I took a vow to start again. Let me say that making the right decision after messing up is the right thing to do. Right now, I can proudly say that all the problems that I had by then are behind me now. I use that story as my encouragement and it gives me the desire to push forward. If you have your problems today, try as much as possible to come out of them. By doing this, you will be making your tomorrow live better.

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