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Marine Davit Kits by Martek Davits

For over two decades, Martek Davits has fabricated, designed and supplied top quality marine davit kits. Companies that have been around for so long says a lot about just how great their product and services are. The people under Martek strive to work with clients before the selection process, during the installation process and any possible follow ups in the future; their quality service and warranties are not found in just any company. The fabrication shop makes use of locally supplied items and productions in providing the needs and reaching the expectation of clients.

Team Martek takes into account all the feedback that they receive from customers, regardless if they are boaters or otherwise. Apart from that, they heavily rely on suggestions and recommendations in updating, sustaining and improving their products. Impeccable attention to detail and non-compromising quality of service assured years of performance for customers and clients.

Marine Davit Kits Available

Before any proper selection of davits can be done, the motor size, type of dingy and exact installation area has to be determined. The systems at Martek Davit offers complete functions including the required stainless steel mounting hardware. Generally, every tackle is referred to as accessories line snap hooks, blocks, strut bar line and any special parts specifically made for spacing. The needs for accessories vary greatly from one client to the next, so it’s better to browse through offered accessories and see if there’s one that fits the bill. Davit selection can be pretty straight forward, but nonetheless experts at Team Market are more than willing to assist.

You can rest assured that no compromise during construction will happen, through a .120″ thick walled Stainless Steele, that comes in 1″ or 1 ?” precision and welded joints, it also boasts built in cathedral that makes a well-evolved finished products with 25 years of history. Customers in every corner of the globe, like yourself, offer varying feedback which are used in improving products and services to further meet the wants and requirements. The warranted they offer are industry wide and the team swears by the products of Davits. Martek Davits encourages clients to bring their marinas and compare with the Davits they see.

Warranty at Martek Davits

The products offered at Marek Davits have full warranty against any manufacturer defects within a span from two years from the official date of delivery; and thus it excludes any time spent in planning the hull vessels. Liability of Martek shall be limited to replacement or repair, at their discretion; any Marktek products they are found defective in terms of workmanship or materials also have warranty. Keep in mind that the warranty will not cover products that have been abused, altered, damaged or broken in any way by improper installation or misuse. Also, Martek will not be held accountable for damage to the accessories of a purchaser’s boat, or the boat itself, of caused by improper installation or use of the products. Any handling and shipping charges are not refundable and thus, they are the responsibility of the purchaser.

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