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A Brief Guide on Realism Tattoos Before You Get One

Inspired by the realism movement back in the 1850s, realism art strives to use a wide variety and techniques and details in order to create amazing images that imitate photography and 3D objects. When applied to tattoos, the end results appear to jump right off the skin due to the quality and style. Realism tattoos demand incredible talent and quite a lot of patience from the tattoo artists in order to achieve the expected amount of layering and detail to create a work of art. Before booking a realism tattoo artist Fayetteville NC, it’s better to read up on the tattoo especially if this is your first one.

Will Realism Tattoos Hurt More than Other Tattoos?

Typically, the overall level of pain that you have to endure when getting a new tattoo heavily depends on where exactly you want to place the new ink on your body as well as the skills of the tattoo artist apply it. Specific areas of the body, like the ribs, are quite famous for being painful compared to other parts. Also, there are some artists that work with a heavier hand, which ultimately adds to the pain.

Taking that into account, realism tattoos will usually take longer, unlike tattoos that are less detail-oriented. Hence if you have low levels of pain tolerance or are quite uncomfortable with laying down or sitting for extended periods of time, then you may want to really think about all these aspects before going to a trusted shop to get a realism tattoo. Don’t hesitate to discuss all concerns and questions that you may have with your realism tattoo artists Fayetteville NC. They are experts and can provide advice on what exactly to expect and how to be prepared based on the location, design, and goals.

Will the Realism Tattoo Last?

This is a question that has caused a lot of debate in the entire tattoo community for years, with many artists arguing that the use of varying degrees of lighter shading alongside a lack of outlines in realistic tattoos creates an end product that a quickly fade or cannot last the test of time. However, the reality is not as black and white as artists originally though; there is a grey area. Numerous factors come into play apart from the style of the tattoo itself when talking about longevity.

Though it is true that light shading and small details typically fade quicker than the ultra-saturated color and dark black lines, there are steps that clients and tattoo artists can do to maintain the quality of the tattoo for a longer period of time. It’s crucial to find a quality realism tattoo artist Fayetteville NC who is well-experienced in the styles and techniques required for the tattoo you want. Ink pigments should also be taken into considerations since lower quality inks tend to fade faster, whatever the tattoo style may be. Lastly, how well you take care of the tattoo while it’s still fresh and healing, and for over the years is important. It’s highly recommended to protect the tattoos from harsh UV rays since it will degrade the quality of the tattoo.

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