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Preschool and daycare

The only treasure that nobody can ever take away from you is Education. Why is education important? Because in a deceitful, challenging and progressing world, a person who is not educated is most likely to not reach his or her goals in life. Education doesn’t mean you should be on top of the class. Education means teaching and learning how to face the world alone.

Education starts at a very young age. Studies show that even if your baby is still inside the mother’s womb, they can already hear the noises outside and once the child is born, his or her brain will continue to grow. That is why it is important that we teach our children the correct knowledge. As parents, we are considered to be the first teachers of oir kids. They learn the basic ABC if we teach them otherwise, they will have slow growth if we rely on televisions or the internet. But as parents, we also have limitations. When our kids are bored, we resort to mobile games or applications which are not actually healthy. What kids need is proper education especially in the most critical stage of their lives. Have we actually taught them the right things with the right methods? Our kids need quality education in order to grow as professionals with good manners and right conduct and to help us with that, we need a competitive school to help us.

Enrolling your kids especially ages 18mos to 5 years old is actually not easy. If you may notice, there are kids who cannot stand the school’s environment and thus, become tired of attending. Therefore, when you choose a school, you must consider various factors.
First of all, education is very important. Make sure that the school has a license to teach nursery and toddlers. Again, these stages are very critical that is why not all schools are capable of teaching these kids. Check on the school’s facilities. Will your kids be comfortable? Is the place clean and with a friendly ambience? Is there a playroom for both indoor and outdoor games and sports? Will there be an area to eat their snacks? Is their comfort room clean to use? Is there a security personnel to protect the kids? Is the entire place secured with CCTV? Are the teachers licensed to teach kids especially in molding both their intellectual and emotional quotient? How about promoting health? Do they have activities to make these kids enjoy school, not just by mere learning inside the classroom? Will there be a guidance counselor to help kids who are suffering emotionally? Will there be no bullies in school? Will there be meals and snacks for your kids if they forgot to bring their packed foods?

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a school. But you have to choose wisely because your kid’s future is at stake. Being in the right school means being confident that your kid will learn a lot and the right things to help them become the better version of their selves as they grow.

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