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Things to Know About Popcorn
Popcorn can be defined as a variety of corn kernel that puffs up when they are heated. They become softer to be eaten and they can be taken as a snack. Popcorns are very common with children having a big percentage of taking it. However, adults love to take popcorns especially when they are watching movies or passing time in their homes. You will find many movie theatres selling the same and they make a lot of money out of it. Those who take popcorns are likely to buy drinks because they make them feel hungrier which makes the movie theatres make more money. Popcorns are made using the popcorn machine. If you are to buy a machine, make sure that you research enough about it so that you can buy the best.
There are several things that you must know about popcorn. One, it is a healthy snack to take. Unlike other snacks that contain a lot of calories, popcorn is a low-calorie snack. For instance, for a whole cup of popcorn, there are about 31 calories. If you compare this with chips. The chips have 139 calories of the same serving. This makes it a healthy serving for the children or adults. You will also be saving yourself from grease that would have required you to go out to clean your hands. Additionally, popcorn is a 100% whole grain. They also have antioxidants and fiber. This can benefit you especially when you are not taking fruits or vegetables. If you are trying to cut on weight, you can take it. This is because it is fat free. However, when making it, you can add a hint of butter to make it tastier.
Popcorn does not cause allergy. There are some people who are affected by different type of foods. They will react differently when they eat different food that has the trigger. However, popcorn does not contain gluten, soy or nuts. Therefore, you can gift anyone a basket of popcorns with surety that they will not be affected by it. You can also play with the flavors and different colors to make it more interesting. Some of the flavors may include cracked pepper, salt or brown sugar that makes the popcorn more fun and enjoyable to eat. In the past, people used to flavor popcorns with dried herbs or spices. They could also turn popcorn into soup or beer.
Another thing o note about popcorn is that it comes in different shapes. Some of these shapes includes snowflakes and mushroom. Most people prefer their popcorn in snowflake shape because they are bigger. Movie theaters prefers the snowflakes because it takes them just less popcorns to fill up a customer’s pack. This way, they make more money out of it. The caramel corn on the other hand uses the mushroom shape because it does not crumble easily. When you are choosing popcorn, make sure that you choose the best, this way, you will enjoy the money you spend. Make sure that they are in te right color, shape and favor that you like.

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