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Perfect Indicators Of Unhealthy Relationship

Codependency is a perfect warning of bad behaviours in a relationship. It mainly developed when you and your partner have no clearly set rules and regulations in your relationship. This means that there is always one partner known as an enabler who keeps relying on the other. In most cases you may find that there are those people who keep relying on their partner for about everything like; helping them with personal tasks, running errands, doing house chores and also relying upon them emotionally. Then codependent partner always takes advantage over the time and the energy of an enabler partner for them to have everything done for them without being involved in anything in their relationship because of their personal interest, relationship, and identity. The information in this article may show you some of the indicators that you are in an unhealthy relationship.

The major sign of an unhealthy relationship is whereby you find it difficult to say no to your partners’ demand where you may be required to spend your time and energy. This is one of the most common signs of codependency relationship. You may find it hard to decline your partners’ proposal on doing some things which may not be reasonable to you or maybe wrong. For instance, you may have done all the house chores for the past week when your partner did nothing then when it comes to cleaning the kitchen we request you to do it well doing nothing. This is because you may feel like it is not right to say no or to request them to contribute to the task.

Also the act of ignoring your own conscience and morals to do those things your partner wants to do is another sign that you are in a codependent relationship. The great need to satisfy your partner may resort to this. To avoid being assigned some task your partner may ask you to lie about their sickness. Unhealthy relationship which has such kind of things may be a great warning sign that there is something wrong happening with your relationship.

Finally, when you may be having a feeling of anxiety whether you may be doing the right thing to keep your partner happy is a significant indicator that you are in a codependent relationship. Getting worried or anxious more often when doing things to avoid your partner from mistreating or leaving you always indicate that you are not safe in a relationship. Therefore if your healthy relationship begins to have such kind of anxiety signs, then it may be prone to develop into a codependent relationship.

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