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Why Should Your Business Use a Hosted Phone System?

Organizations have increasingly adopted other modes of communication during the last decade, including some that do not utilize the desktop telephone. The use of email, texting, and video conferencing has all but removed the necessity for many businesses to dial a phone number. The fact is that the manner in which a corporation communicates internally might vary from the manner in which it interacts with customers or clients. Despite the fact that Will from marketing may send text messages to Bob in sales, a potential customer may choose to talk with the latter on the phone in order to hear a real person’s voice instead. For the same reason that he can be more convincing over the phone than he can in an Internet chat session, Bob would prefer that his prospective customer utilize the telephone as well.

The Advantages of Using a Hosted Network

Your organization should consider investing in a hosted phone system if your customers prefer to talk to you over the phone (speaking to a live person is often considered to be the highest level of customer care). For example, in contrast to a legacy telephone network, which is owned and managed in-house, a hosted telephone system for business phone lines provides the following benefits, among others.

Low Upfront Investment

In contrast to a traditional network, a hosted network requires no upfront investment. This is due to the fact that you do not buy the hardware. As an alternative, you will be charged a monthly subscription cost that is determined by the kind of hardware you choose and the functionality of the network. Because gear depreciates in value over time, leasing rather than purchasing makes more financial sense in the long run.

There are no maintenance fees.

Because you do not own the hardware, you will not be responsible for its upkeep. If a telephone has to be repaired or replaced, the service provider will take care of the issue at no cost to the customer. It is not uncommon for a legacy network to need thousands of dollars in maintenance expenses throughout the duration of its operational life. When you utilize a hosted network, you may save money on your IT expenses.

Characteristics and Services

When using a hosted phone system for business phone numbers, you can take advantage of features that are not available on a traditional network, such as 24-hour customer service, call waiting, caller identification, and advanced features such as voicemail to email transfer, call tracking, and name directories. When compared to conventional networks, cloud-based networks undergo regular improvements that increase their overall value to the consumer.


Despite the widespread use of electronic communication methods such as email, text, and Skype, the telephone continues to be a crucial communication tool for businesses that care about their customers. If your organization is currently using a legacy telephone network, establishing a hosted network for business phone numbers is a more cost-effective and high-quality option in terms of service quality.

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