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If you think that having the perfect beer starts with the draft, then you better think again. The truth is, everything begins with a sparkling clean glass. A dirt glass may make your beer go flat and at the same time, lose its unique aroma once it is poured in. Apart from that, it may additionally prevent you from achieving 1/2″ to 1″ thick head on top.

If you really want to have that “perfect pour”, then it is vital to have a clean glass. What this mean is, there needs to be no impurities in your glass that allows carbon dioxide to cling on. As soon as the spots are eradicated, that is when you can pour your beer while enjoying a better taste and look. Whether you believe it or not, for a barrel keg that contains 15.5 gallons, it has the capability of providing 124 and 142 servings of 16oz. and 14oz. glasses respectively.

With proper washing and cleaner system on the other hand, you simply have to pour in 14oz into a 16 oz glass due to the forming of product head. With such, it can create 18 more glasses in a keg. If you’re nowhere near these figures, then it might be the time to start reviewing how you clean the glasses.

There are several culprits that cause a dirty glass of beer which include grease or fat-based residue from food, dish soap residue or simply, a woman’s lipstick. Then again, some of these suspects aren’t always visible on the glass but they have the ability of speeding the carbonation of the beer causing it to go flat.

The two tests below are what you could do in ensuring that the beer glasses are thoroughly clean.

Number 1. The Sheeting test – in this test, you have to dip your beer glass in the water and check how it coats. Say for example that it evenly coats the glass, then it only means that it is clean but if it breaks into droplets, then you have a problem.

Number 2. The salt test – on the surface of your beer glass, sprinkle salt in it and check how it’ll be coated. Again, if it coats evenly, then it is clean if not, then you have to redo the cleaning process.

It is extremely important that for any warewashing equipment, you should partner it with effective sanitizer once the items are washed and rinsed. This way, you can guarantee that all infection-causing bacteria are removed. And for proper sanitization, make sure that you are using water that is heated to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

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