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There are many ways to say that one type of cleaning service is cleaner than another. However, in reality they are not very different at all. Most all types of cleaning services can generally be categorized as residential or commercial cleaning services. Residential cleaning services most often are offered to homeowners or residential residents, e.g. house cleaning.

Commercial cleaning services, though, involve offering commercial cleaning services to companies, e.g. office cleaning, on a regular basis. The frequency or daily or monthly varies by each company or organization but can vary anywhere from once a week to several times a day or even more. This frequency is usually based on the specific needs of each company. For instance, some offices prefer a daily house cleaning service, while others may need it done more frequently. Many commercial cleaning services will have a preferred cleaning schedule for their offices or rooms, but they will usually do any house cleaning requests at the request of the client.

When you think of commercial cleaning services, there are two common ideas that most people think of: janitorial services and commercial cleaning equipment. Janitorial services are typically used when a business is busy and they need someone else to do the work, such as on a regular basis. A janitorial service will clean the office or building after businesses close, typically at night or at a minimum of twenty-four hours. Professional janitorial services are very clean and maintain very high hygiene standards to ensure that the people who work for them are kept well taken care of.

Medical Cleaning Services: These services are offered by doctors’ offices and clinics, including dental practices. Doctors’ offices and medical clinics will often have specialized cleaning teams that are devoted solely to medical cleaning, meaning that every space is kept as clean as possible, with all equipment sterilized and fresh. Medical cleaning services offered by clinics and doctors’ offices vary, depending on the size of the medical practice and the needs of the staff members. Some clinics and doctors’ offices will offer their own janitorial services, while other will outsource the work to a professional cleaning service. Some clinics and offices will hire an entire staff to clean their facility during their regular cleaning hours, while others will only hire a janitorial team once per month or yearly.

Residential Cleaning Services: Any area of a residential building that a homeowner would like to be free of clutter is a potential candidate for residential cleaning services. This includes attics, basements, garages, and outside porches. The goal of residential cleaning services is to keep all parts of the home and surrounding property as spic and span as possible, to prevent the spread of mold and other potentially harmful allergens. Most residential cleaning services will offer weekly or monthly contracts, depending on the length of the lease or the homeowner’s agreement with the company.

Window Cleaning Services: As part of their monthly contract, many homeowners agree to pay a set fee for the cleaning of the windows in a home. This fee is often much less than what it would cost to hire a professional house cleaning service. Many companies offer a guarantee on the services they provide, so should problems occur, the window cleaning company will stand behind their work and restore your windows to their former glory. Commercial Cleaning Services: Similar to the residential market, many commercial building owners also contract with cleaning services offered by smaller companies. In many cases, the janitors are contracted to perform the cleaning at the owners’ expense, but a business owner can choose to pay a higher fee for janitorial services.

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