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The Main Reasons Why using a Pedicab for Advertising is a Great Idea

Advertising is diverse. Companies and brands are getting creative when it comes to advertising. In the past and even today, a lot of people have been relying on billboards for advertising. Even though this is an effective way of advertising, clients still pass the billboards and sometimes they are not so effective at leaving a lasting impression in the mind of a potential client. This is the main reason why companies are getting creative and are now making use of pedicabs. Other than the fact that these cabs move and they can have your brand’s poster on them while they pick and drop clients, they also leave a lasting impression because they can take up different shapes. Pedicabs are highly effective at advertising and here are the main reasons why this is the case.

It is Mobile
The first benefit of using a pedicab is that it moves. Unlike the traditional billboards that are stagnant in one place, pedicabs move with your brand. This means that it brings your ads to the people. There are so many people that can take an interest in the advertisement as the pedicab moves around the town or city. You get a bigger audience when the billboard is moving than when it is just stuck in one place.

Provide Value
People are more prone to pay attention to something if it gives them added value. So, if you have a fleet of pedicabs that advertise your brand and still offer transport services to clients for short distances, it is easier to get the attention that you need. The best thing about pedicabs is that the drivers are kind and they have been trained to have the right interpersonal skills. This makes it easier for them to be memorable among clients and it is easier for the customers to remember what was written on their cabs as well.

It is a Unique Approach
A lot of companies do billboards and social media advertising. Even though they are still effective in their own way, choosing to be unique also comes with its many advantages. The idea of advertising on pedicabs has not gained a lot of popularity yet. However, the companies that have tried it can attest that it works. It offers unforgettable experiences to clients especially if you have never ridden on a pedicab before. In addition to this, you can choose to make it more unforgettable by asking the pedicab drivers to offer the clients brochures or even pamphlets every time they take them to their different destinations.

It is Affordable
Finally, choosing to use a pedicab for advertisement is cheaper compared to advertising on a billboard. When using a pedicab you have options. Some pedicabs can run the advertisement for a short time while others can do it long term. This means that even if your budget can only cover the ad short term, you still get to advertise your brand and reach a lot of potential clients. Additionally, if you do the math and you look at the number of people that will see your brand being advertised, you will realize that this option is still cheaper.

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