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Why You Need to Go to Church in These Present Days

There are many Christian who are struggling with going to church. The problem of going to the church started a long time ago also today it is rampant. Christ instruct people to go to gather together and praise him. Continues absence of the church can lead to willful sin. In the church you are able to see the day of judgment approaching. Peope who do not go to a Christian gathering are neglecting their Christian duties.

You will be empowered when you gather with other believers to worship together. It is essential to note that Christ lives in the spirit once we believe. It is necessary for every believer to come together and praise the lord. According to Mathew 18:20, when two or more people gather in the name of the lord, Christ will be among them. For this reason, ensure that you attend Christina gathering often.

Attending the church services help you to grow together. No human is perfect as people make mistakes. To live a holy live, you require assistance from the god and other people. When people come together, they can pray together and help each other to follow the Christ. The bible says that Christ will be together when people come together.

You have supported the father as per the direction of the Christ. In everything that you do, ensure that it is meant to praise the lord. Every Christian needs to sacrifice their lives for the Christ. No one should isolate themselves from others. In the church, there is a role that every Christian should play. Each member has a specific gift which is a need in the church. By attending a church services, your gift becomes more powerful. Your gift should be used in making the church stronger from the attack of the evil spirit.

By attending the church services, you are letting the Christ know that you love him. By going to the church, it is a clear expression that you love god. During the church services, Christian publicly acknowledges their trust and faith that they have toward God. You offer praises and offers meant to say thank you. The essence of coming together is to serve the Lord for the many blessing that he has given us.

Attending the church build our spiritual strength. In the church you will learn so many things that will make you strong spiritually. Most essential you are taught how to handle any evil spirit. It is essential to note that everyone faces a lot of obstacles but when you attend the church service, you are equipped with a shield. Take every opportunity that you get to ensure that your faith is strong.

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